I’ve heard of not-pologies…


But not-lawsuits? You know that Rebecca was asking for help to deal with a not-threat of not-censorship and a not-suit from the non-litigious non-jerk Ben Radford. Now she has posted her amusing response to Radford’s non-demands. So many contradictions! He keeps insisting he has no intention of suing in a cease-and-desist letter that demands that she take down posts she has written.

The biggest contradiction, though, is that this is all after Radford hounded Karen Stollznow into retracting and promising to never ever mention their disagreements ever again…an agreement that Stollznow has been honoring, while Radford keeps stirring the pot and reminding everyone what an asshole he can be.

I don’t think he wanted to bring this affair to a close at all.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    All that foolery just shows that BR is nothing but an arrogant bully who wants to erase his exposed bad behavior from the internet. Won’t happen. He is too arrogant to understand his best way for people to forget would be shutting the fuck up.

  2. Al Dente says

    I agree with Nerd, Mr. R*df*rd is an arrogant bully who pretends he wants to drop everything but needs to keep rattling peoples’ cages in case they forget about Ben and his bullying.

  3. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Did anybody else notice that a woman, instead of a more vocal man, was the target of BR’s bullying?

  4. kellym says

    Ben Radford’s own statement on the matter contains several indisputable lies and contradictions, as Rebecca documents. More than one woman has complained about Radford to one of the higher ups at the Center for Inquiry. How does Radford keep his job at CFI? Do they have low standards for everyone there, or just Radford?

  5. kellym says

    And for the record, Radford’s employment at CFI precludes my membership in that organization.

  6. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Where does he get the money to pay all these lawyers? Does CFI pay THAT well?

  7. revmatty says

    I think he needs this to continue because it validates his self image as persecuted MRA spokesman. I will have nothing to do with CFI (or Skeptic Magazine for that matter) and I’m still pretty uninterested in the JREF as well. The old established organizations need to be replaced with ones that care about more than just old white guys.

  8. borax says

    I think (personal opinion) Ben Rodford might just be a raging clownshoes asshole. Please don’t sue me bro. I have no money.

  9. Morgan!? ♥ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says

    Don’t BR and his extremely overpaid attorney(s) realize that the longer they keep stirring this very fetid pot, the more they expose themselves to a very real lawsuit from those they are harassing? Maybe BR and Co. should be given just as much rope as they need to hang themselves. (Be still my evil heart.)