I am in Eugene!

I just got here, so I’ve had no time to explore, but it looks like it hasn’t changed a bit in 30 years…which is a good thing. Now to collapse for a short night of sleep, before the science starts flowing in the morning.


  1. microraptor says

    You think it hasn’t changed? Head over to 5th Street Market tomorrow. That has really changed.

    Oh, you may be interested in knowing that Voodoo Donut opened a branch in Eugene a few years ago. Here’s their location.

    Also, I am remembering right that you’re a vegetarian? Well, even if you’re not, Cafe Yumm is a great little local restaurant that started in Eugene, though it has since spread to other locations. Their menu is based around Yumm Sauce, which is fantastic- I’ve got a bottle of it in my fridge that’s almost empty. Here’s their Eugene locations.

  2. stewartt1982 says

    I had an interview with the University of Oregon @ Eugene a few years back. While a remote interview, my studies on the “would I like to live in this town?” front showed a seemly nice place to live. Alas, I didn’t get the position and haven not yet been to Eugene (The position I did find in the end, puts me in a place I always wanted to spend time at. So at least I lucked out on that).