1. Saad: Openly Feminist Gamer says

    I need your clothes, four pairs of your boots and your motorcycle.

  2. karmacat says

    Here we have been so worried about a robot takeover when we should have been watching the tentacled ones

  3. F.O. says

    The article is scant on information. How did they train her?

    Now I’m wondering if an octopus would be able to recognize itself not in front of a mirror, but in front of a *photograph*.

  4. marcus says

    On the one hand i think that cephs got a bum deal by having such short and precarious lives. On the other hand … it’s probably lucky for us.

  5. Gregory Greenwood says

    Of course Cthulhu’s favoured can use the simple technology of semi-sapient apes; they are the true inheriotors of the world, afterall…