The things you can do with light

I’ve only ever used beams of light to illuminate objects, magnify images, stimulate molecules, uncage dyes and ions, ablate cells, stop bleeding, and push organelles around — but I’ve never built a Rube Goldberg machine with them.

(via Colossal)


  1. stewartt1982 says

    Quite neat. The world needs more Rube Goldberg machines.

    When I first started traveling to Japan I kept seeing ads/signage for “Au” and thought it might be a coffee shop chain (not sure why). Only on my last couple of trips did I realise it was a cell company. I’m rather glad I never entered and asked for a coffee.

    Somewhat surprised they spelled it out in hiragana (phonetic) 「ひかり」rather than in kanji「光」(chinese character) … does hiragana make it ‘cuter’ or less intimidating?

  2. blf says

    I’m sure poopyhead can train his Zebrafish to do something similar…

    … and clean up the mess afterwards.