1. Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :) says

    Looks like the way most office park lawns get watered around here. “Drought? Oh, I thought you said DROWN the grass.”

  2. says

    I think I read somewhere that they considered it for filming LOTR Dead Marshes, but it was too hard and unsafe, so they built a set.

    As far as taking a stroll there, Yes please. I am a huge fan of wetlands of all kinds and that looks amazing. Backpack full of water, trailmix, my various scopes and I’m a happy – sodden mess of a – camper.

  3. JohnnieCanuck says

    So the rine in ‘Strine falls minely in the bog?

    This is at the northern tip of Fraser Island, a massive sand island north of Brisbane. It’s a fascinating place, my daughter was there a few years ago. There’s a battle between the stabilising plants and the winds. It’s called a blowout when the wind wins.

    Here’s a Google Maps link.

    Most bogs are quite fragile. The plants are slow growing and take years to recover from someone plowing about. Burns Bog near Vancouver, BC is now a nature conservancy and off limits to the public. Researchers only are allowed there, as it slowly recovers from human actions like peat cutting and drainage ditches.

  4. may2788 says

    One of those pictures that’s totally ambiguous to scale to my untrained eye.
    It could be aerial, could be close-up, and could be microscopic…

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Meh. Lots of the nominal woodland up near Lapland looks like this. This is why I have never caught the enthusiasm for long walks in the forest. This and bugs. LOTS of bugs.