World Humanist Day is tomorrow

You’d think that after yesterday’s travails, I might finally be home. But no; I’m still in Minneapolis, and am about to spend a day at the Science Museum of Minnesota with a group of students. And then afterwards I’ll go home and sink into blissful unconsciousness.

It’s a good way to prepare for World Humanist Day, don’t you think? There are a lot of other suggestions at that link, but contributing to a museum and talking science with young people is just my thing.

You’ve got until tomorrow to come up with something human to do for yourself. What will it be?


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Well, I’ll be taking care of the Redhead. Then I hope to sneak in the last episodes of Cosmos.

  2. twas brillig (stevem) says

    re @3:

    And the 21st is National Peaches And Cream Day as well!

    Does that include Frozen Peaches (Freeze Peach!!!) ;-D

  3. loreo says

    I’ll be setting up ramps and rails for a Go Skateboarding Day event. Flinging ourselves about on wheeled boards in the name of beauty and style seems very human :D

  4. blf says

    Blow up the planet.

     … …

    Oh, Sorry, You didn’t mean that sort of thing which humans do…

  5. says

    The science museum is awesome. Thanks in large part to the collector’s corner, my son has developed a deep interest in geology and fossils. He traded a goat skull for the prize of his rock collection – an uncut ruby.

  6. blf says

    I’m under obligation, as every Finn, to be very, very drunk.

    Seems like a normal day then. </snark>

  7. ledasmom says

    The younger child and I will be flying to Minnesota to see my mother, my brother, my brother’s wife and my newish niece and nephew. My older child flew out about a week and a half ago. The city where mother, brother, brother’s wife, niece and nephew live is amusingly called by Wikipedia “one of the largest cities in Central Minnesota”, which is true while being at the same time sort of misleading to those of us who are used to Massachusetts.

  8. says

    I’m going down to Rockford, IL tomorrow to give a donation to the IL/WI Stateline Atheist Society for the Humanist Volunteer Night Providing and Serving a Meal to Veterans event.

  9. blf says

    I can’t drink myself senseless, there’s football to watch!

    Eh? As far as I know (which is even farer than I care), Finland is not in the World Pea Kicking Cup. This is a Good Point.

    And in any case, the only thing worth watching is the incredibly bad acting as so-called “players” fall down and claim they were unfairly fouled. For feck’s sake,. dead p0rn stars are more convincing.

    On the other hand, being senseless is perhaps the only way to deal with the absurd fraud.

  10. bundleofstix says

    I think I’ll spend the day at the former Science Museum of Minnesota location, which is now the largest Scientology church in the Midwest, and work on purging the thetans from my soul.

  11. says

    well what did you think of the museum? i frankly think its a centered museums when down the drain when San Francisco built that’s all games and gizmos.the bell museum was the only real one around and it’s going to be taken apart,moved and made into another kid playground.

  12. chigau (違う) says

    davidgibson #19
    I’ll get off your lawn right after I say that I’m rather happy to see the demise of
    The Museums of Dead-Things-In-Glass-Boxes.
    and I’ve been going to those for over 50 years.

  13. Rich Woods says

    @Weed(less) Monkey #10:

    Tomorrow is juhannus. I’m under obligation, as every Finn, to be very, very drunk.

    I’ve never heard of juhannus, but now I feel an urge to crack open a bottle.

    I can’t drink myself senseless, there’s football to watch!

    After watching the England matches I bloody well needed to drink myself senseless.

  14. blf says

    After watching the England matches I bloody well needed to drink myself senseless.

    Yeah, their elimination wasn’t hilarious enough. More prat-falls and some giant rubber duckies would made the clowns more entertaining.

  15. Rich Woods says

    @blf #25:

    I see you’re in the running for the new England manager. Congratulations!