iERA blusters

The iERA, that organization of Muslim fanatics, has sent Maryam Namazie a silly cease-and-desist letter. They want her to take down an FtB post because, among all the other documentation about iERA’s status as a hate group, she says they have threatened people with death, which they deny. Which is amusing, because she has long been a target of their hatred (A woman and an ex-Muslim? Horrors) and is able to turn right around and quote what they’ve said about her.

And to prove our point, after the report was published, a number of iERA supporters/activists have called me a “murtad” and “munafiq”, which are clear death threats for anyone who knows the Islamist movement. There have been death threats against me on their Facebook page (which have now been deleted). Plus one of their speakers we exposed in our report, Adnan Rashid, has been calling me Janazie (which means a corpse)…

And then there’s Hamza Andreas Tzortzis arguing that beheading is painless


  1. Nick Gotts says

    Hamza Andreas Tzortzis arguing that beheading is painless

    Since he’s evidently completely brainless, it may be that he knows this from personal experience.

  2. johnharshman says

    Hamza Tzortzis arguing that beheading is painless…

    Well, I do believe it’s a short, sharp shock.

  3. tsig says

    “Stop saying we make death threats or we’ll kill you”.

    Hummm… not very convincing.

  4. says

    I called Tech Support about my spoinged irony meter. They said that I had set the gain too high.
    Look on the back. There’s a small screw marked WTF. Turn that all the way anti-clockwise then forward again until the phrase ‘The Pope warns of the dangers of superstition’ makes the needle wiggle just a bit.

  5. David Marjanović says

    Well, I do believe it’s a short, sharp shock.

    For what value of “short”? Multicellular organisms don’t just die instantly (unless, like, crushed by a huge weight). Each and every cell suffocates or dries out on its own. That takes several minutes.

  6. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I, for one, have **never** heard a beheading victim describe the experience as “painless”.

    C’mon, johnharshman and anyone else who wants to characterize the subjective experience of beheading, don’t spout off where we clearly don’t and can’t have any real info.


  7. Funny Diva says


    See what you get for recycling Victorian capital punishment “humour”! Nobody saw what you (and WS “Schwenk” Gilbert*) did there!

    It’s a quotation, folks–though perhaps clumsily deployed.

    * Don’t blame Sir Arthur Sullivan, he only wrote the music…

  8. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Okay then, I take back my criticism. Humor is always welcome, even if it’s too erudite for me to get it.

  9. Funny Diva says

    Crip Dyke:
    It’s from Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado (or: The Town of Titipu)”. One of their funniest shows, IMO, with some of the best tunes. Though the one referenced in this thread didn’t make it into the film “Topsy Turvy”. But you might remember the “Three Little Maids from School” (which also appeared in Chariots of Fire, iirc).

  10. Ichthyic says

    I thought that was suicide?

    judging by the reception the offhand reference to the Mikado got, I will not be bring up references to a certain theme song from a long running TV show.

  11. chigau (your display name can be anything you want) says

    Star Trek?
    Dr. Who?
    Coronation Street?

  12. chigau (your display name can be anything you want) says

    I wanted to link to a yutub but my shiny new iPadYouTubeApp is pure shit.
    You get what you pay for.

  13. chigau (your display name can be anything you want) says

    You’re absolutely right.
    Good thing I failed.

  14. chigau (your display name can be anything you want) says

    Did they ever present the lyrics on the TV show?
    I recall the theme as purely instrumental.

  15. Ichthyic says

    no, they did not. the song was originally written for the movie, but they cut the lyrics for the tv show because… controversy?

    the lyrics are actually pretty dark and pity, given they were supposedly written by the 14 year old son of the guy who directed the MASH movie. Supposedly, the director needed a quick song to go with the scene in the movie where cutter john(?) decides he wants to off himself, and the rest of the guys play a rather elaborate prank on him to teach him a lesson. He picked his son to write it because he figured it would be the perfect choice to generate something silly and ridiculous. He was wrong; his son actually ended up producing something quite thoughtful and pithy, accidentally or intentionally.

    story goes the guy who directed the movie got 70k, and his son has received well over 1 million in royalties since he wrote the song.

  16. chigau (your display name can be anything you want) says

    It was the Painless Pole, the dentist, who wanted to kill himself.
    And it was less of a ‘prank’ than a ‘cure’ for his temporary importance.

  17. chigau (your display name can be anything you want) says

    and I’m off to google because I haven’t heard that about the author of the song

  18. Peter B says

    Kudos Funny Diva @ 10

    Instantly recognising the quote from the vocal overtrack on Pink Floyd’s “Us And Them”, I thought I had it nailed, but satisfying myself via the omniscient Google search, readily concede you are clearly leading this one with your call.

  19. Peter B says

    What disturbs me more than a little is the fascination with whether the head of a decapitated human remains conscious for any length of time after severance, when the real outrage and disgust should be aimed squarely at those who would mete out this treatment to: women rape victims, apostates, adulterers, homosexuals and assorted others based on a flimsy interpretation of what is meant by the wording of some archaic and quite barbaric texts.

  20. erik333 says

    @8 David Marjanović

    To die, certainly, but remain conscious? Jui-Jutsu blood chokes to the neck don’t take several minutes to render someone unconscious, it’s more a matter of seconds.