Surprise! #scio14 is next week!

I don’t know whether to be impressed with my foresight or be dismayed at my memory, but I had a shock this morning: I actually checked my calendar and it said I’m supposed to be in Raleigh, North Carolina next week for the ScienceOnline Together conference. Panic city! And then I checked and discovered that I’d arranged my hotel room and flight ages ago. I must be getting old, but at least I’m compensating by planning ahead. Also, I suppose I could have checked my calendar next week and been totally surprised.

Anyway, it should be fun. Maybe I’ll even post a few things from the event, like every single other attendee. Or not. This is one meeting that does not suffer from a shortage of web attention.


  1. NitricAcid says

    Now if you check your calendar next week, and are *still* totally surprised, then you’ve managed to become as absent-minded as I am.

  2. says

    Pretty well covered in minutia . . .

    But does any news ever leak out of those meetings? Do they improve the coverage of science in print or broadcast? Do they improve the coverage of science on the internet?

    I just discovered these meetings last year. Unless you’re wound up in the meeting planning, or close to someone who is, how would anyone ever find out about the meetings, or what goes on?

    Is anyone hosting a panel on talking to to the rest of the world?

    Have fun. Learn lots. Tell us about it. Please remind someone that we need to use science to change the world for the better, and that a lot more people gotta talk about it seriously, online, before than can happen.

  3. redwood says

    Wait, if this is ScienceOnline, why do you even have to go to NC? Isn’t that defeating the purpose? You mean that if I wanted to go I’d actually have to change out of my pajamas and leave my basement?

  4. ChasCPeterson says

    Maybe I’ll even post a few things from the event, like every single other attendee.

    Photos and addresses, or just their names?

    oh wait…now I see.

    Hey, give Gurdur a big kiss for me, eh?

  5. says

    In the interest of not being a disruptive element at the meeting, I would not engage Gurdur at all. I would not say a word to him. I would stay at least 20 feet from him at all times. That would make it difficult to give him a kiss.