1. lowkey says

    That thing is a fucking killer. You can practically see its left eye twitching as it waits to savage whatever appendage is foolishly dangled in front of it.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Here I was expecting a pajama squid (Sepioloidea lineolata)… cos what’s more fun than footy footy footy footy footy footy footy footy pajamas?

  3. playonwords says


    Or is this the result of some vile experiment where PZ has distilled all the cuteness out of 6,000 kittens and injected it into some long suffering elder god?

    BTW my sigoth found it totally squeeable – but then she squees at naked mole rats.

  4. Dick the Damned says

    Indulging in some tetrapod-biased prejudice, i perceive this animal to have a very large braincase, indeed, to be almost entirely braincase. It’s all head & no body! And its tentacles appear to be so short as to be entirely useless for any function more adventurous than sessile filter feeding.

    Someone please tell me this is a ruthless carnivore. (Evidence-based, of course.)