1. Callinectes says

    I really enjoyed Peter Davison’s The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, depicting Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy trying unsuccessfully to get a part in the fiftieth anniversary special, and then trying to sneak on to the set anyway.

  2. carlie says

    A nice extra is that one of the doctors is the guy who plays Inspector Spacetime, a parody of DrWho that was a throwaway line on the show Community for something like 30 seconds, but within days had an entire fanbuilt history and later became its own webseries.

  3. cm's changeable moniker (quaint, if not charming) says

    Heh. Tom Baker’s scarf for the win! (That takes me back …)

  4. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    I just watched Hunger Games (part 2) about a week ago. This was a brilliant mash-up.