Multiverse for sale, cheap

I read Scenes from a Multiverse every day, don’t you? I’ve been a fan for a long time, since Goats even. And now Jonathan Rosenberg has a new printed collection out, so you can buy it and read read read.


If you don’t like the comic, though, you should still buy it so you can read the foreword. It’s great, maybe we can talk the publisher into issuing it in its own special edition. Really, it’s that good.

OK, the comic is pretty funny, too.


  1. Thomathy, Gay Where it Counts says

    I have always loved Scenes from A Multiverse and Goats. I visit Jonathan’s booth at TCAF every year. I may have to make an exception and buy the book online rather than in person, because the next TCAF is a year away now.

  2. mobius says

    I have been reading Scenes for quite some time now. It is a wonderful comic. And you were the one that brought it to my attention. I don’t believe I have thanked you for that, PZ. Well, I am doing so now. Thanx.

  3. Parse says

    I’ve ordered mine with a newsduck sketch, and asked for the dedication to be something along the lines of “Next on Bird’s Eye View, Author dedicates book to $NAME”
    Because I’m horrible like that.