Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Does Australia have to weird everything?

I have no problem with slugs, adorable creatures. Twenty centimeter long slugs, great, I grew up with those. But hot pink twenty centimeter slugs is going a little far.



  1. bastionofsass says

    I’m sure little girls will just adore this slug since it’s hot pink.

  2. Anthony K says

    That’s some fucked-up pipe. I see the choke, but where do you pack the weed?

  3. weaver says

    I’ve heard of banana slugs before – this appears to be a jalapeno slug.

  4. Larry says

    Given that it’s Australian, the thing will probably melt your skin if you touch it or its got some big, nasty teeth it will use to chew your leg off, immobilizing you so that it can then use its slime to melt your skin.

  5. frankb says

    The bright color usually means, “You’ll remember what I look like when you are barfing your gut out.”

  6. A. R says

    Am I the only one who thinks this has a strong resemblance to a certain portion of male canid anatomy?

  7. says

    I have a lot problems with slugs. Adorable? Certainly not when they crawl into your vegetable patch and ruin overnight everything you were growing there for last month or so. They might move slowly, but their destructive power in garden shall not be underestimated. Nasty little buggers, all of them. If they were pink here in middle europe, they would at least be easier to spot and pick up.

  8. frankb says

    I have never seen large slugs here in the States but I have seen them in Europe. My brother and I were on a bicycle camping tour at the time. One of these monsters left a huge slime trail across my HushPuppy shoe one night and we saw a herd of them crossing the highway near Basel Switzerland. (HushPuppy Shoes? I know…I’m old.)

  9. Lofty says

    Keep an eye on it and it’ll evolve into the next KenHam before your very eyes.

  10. Wowbagger, Designated Snarker says

    “Hey, want to see my 20cm long hot pink Australian slug?”
    “Is that a pickup line?”

  11. mildlymagnificent says

    Right here, right now, I’ll protest that evolution site getting all huffy about blue tongued skinks/lizards. They’re marvellous critters. I lived for over 30 years on a large house block and never saw a single snail in our garden. There were at least three families of blue tongues scattered about and they did all the work. And they were quite fun to live with as well. (Though we had the good sense never to plant strawberries in the ground. We might not have had such a good opinion then.)

    Though I’ll confess that pink slug is pretty spectacular.

  12. cicely says

    Does Australia have to weird everything?

    Well. No.
    It doesn’t have to.
    It does it for pleasure.
    “Some of the sheep.”
    Wise words. Words to live by.

  13. robster says

    This is a special Drag slug, created by mother nature for the Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney. It planned to march down Oxford street to some dance music but got lost in a veggie patch at the Botanic gardens on the way and hasn’t been seen since. Rumour has it that it’s trail is easy to follow.

  14. gobi's sockpuppet's meatpuppet says

    Everything in Australia can kill you – some just take longer.

  15. bortedwards says

    There’s a whole series of these slugs up the east coast of Australia, with some fairly cool phenotypic variation. The hot pink ones (obviously) on Mt Kaputar, then where we lived in Brisbane a standard slug-colour but with a red triangle (where the remnants of its snail shall/mantle is), some bright yellow ones on some other mountains, and some with racing stripes. Geographically discrete, but no one has ever bothered to work out how discrete, whether they interbreed (or are distinct species) or whether there is a correlation between coloration and habitat. It’s screaming out for a student project (all you yanks with money!)!

  16. mildlymagnificent says

    Everything in Australia can kill you – some just take longer.

    Disappointingly, or not depending on your point of view, the animal that kills most people in Australia – is the horse.

  17. cicely says

    Disappointingly, or not depending on your point of view, the animal that kills most people in Australia – is the horse.

    Of course, of course.

  18. randay says

    Charly #13 — Just put used coffee grounds around your garden in the rows and maybe around some particular plants. That worked for me when I had a garden. You may have to renew them from time to time when they get too dry and are blown away.