Somebody doesn’t like us

Just so you know — I didn’t break the Atheist Census (well, I did, a little bit). They are currently being subjected to a DDOS attack. Apparently, someone doesn’t want atheists to be counted.


  1. says

    They are currently being subjected to a DDOS attack. Apparently, someone doesn’t want atheists to be counted.

    Some of those loving Christians, presumably.

  2. robro says

    See…it’s God. As I said, God hates censuses.

    I recently ran into a possible explanation for this bit of biblical craziness: actually counting the number of the chosen ones would have shown that God had not fulfilled the covenant that the children of Abraham would number as the stars. Clearly by the time of writing Samuel-Kings, the Israelites did not rule the world and their numbers were nowhere near the number of stars. If God fails with one thing, then why not all the rest. So, just make it evil to count.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    It gave me the “too many” signal when I posted it, a couple hours before you did; I suspected some sort of Brazilian attack (knowing full well it couldn’t possibly be the numbers I sent there). When you sent the horde there, I was frankly astonished at how well it held up to the flood before suffering the same sort of problems.

  4. coyotenose says

    Christians? Acting immorally and breaking the law? Their only possible justification being bigotry against members of another group?


  5. thebookofdave says

    One at a time. please! The site can’t handle us all at once. There must be a Brazilian of us trying to log in.

  6. madtom1999 says

    the bookofdave – in the UK a brazillian refers to the strange pubic topiary that results in a hitler moustache.
    I’m sure theres more than 1 of us trying to sign..

  7. anubisprime says

    The goons are really nervous then!

    They must be so frightened to bother with such a pointless attempt at silencing atheism.
    To do this nonsense means they are fighting in their minds a rearguard action…they are losing.

    Their childishness has been noted!

  8. roland says

    Don’t such things always get hacked/attacked? I don’t think it matters much what the topic is about.

  9. slowdjinn says


    To do this nonsense means they are fighting in their minds a rearguard action…

    Of course they are. They’re being PERSECUTED don’tchaknow.

  10. shouldbeworking says

    These Canuck atheist got counted ut it took a few visits to the site. I got only 2 wrong. Those Xiang must think that in the war on xianity, the best defence is a good offence.

  11. HappyHead says

    I suspect that a brazilion is like a million of brazil, who were somewhere up over 2000 last time I checked while the census was still online. That’s a lot.

  12. abb3w says

    Any word on how they’re telling a deliberate DDOS attack from an accidental DDOS caused by a billion Atheists all trying to go over and be counted?

  13. anubisprime says

    Still off line!…mind I suppose the weekend does not help getting server or admin motivated, maybe why some folks thought it best to do it on a Friday leaving Saturday to beat the wife & kids and Sunday to beat their meat or whatever it is they do in a circle jerk to hymns!

    Won’t make a iota of difference, when it comes back up I will still sign the damned thing!

  14. margareth says

    Though a long time reader, I haven’t commented on freethought blogs until today. One of the primary reasons I set up the account was to ask the question: are you going to let us know when the Atheist census is back up? I clicked on it to fill out the form but as you pointed out, there is an ongoing denial of service attack. I find it very typical. The superstitious live in fear, (or they wouldn’t be superstitious), so it’s unsurprising that an attempt would be made to disrupt such a count.

  15. dougalder says

    PZ I sent them an email a short while ago suggesting they contact and get DNS from them – they will scrub incoming traffic and rotate public facing DNS servers to foil a DDoS.