1. John Morales says

    Obvious proof of design in nature; obviously, there must be a Creator!

    It’s all about sex, ain’t it? And PZ revels in it!

    (I like this education by stealth!)

    (I note Barry Paine’s narration pleasantly reminds me of David Attenborough)

  2. botoxtheferret says

    So awesome an Australian chick called Kate Rowe wrote a song about it – Dragon Orchid(How David Attenborough Saved My Love Life)
    Oh darlin’, you are my Dragon Orchid
    I’m the wasp who’s always hanging round
    I fly in singing love love love
    But I can’t seem to get it off the ground

    All those times I struggled to fly off with you
    Wondering what the hell was going wrong
    I thought you were the perfect wasp for me
    But you’ve clearly been an orchid all along”