Everyone should have a daily dose of angry Irishman

I put this clip of Michael D. Higgins, president of Ireland, on my speakers this morning to have it blaring out while I puttered about in the kitchen fixing a bit of tea and yogurt for breakfast. He’s chewing out some Tea Party sympathizer in that way only the Irish can, and I swear, it was better than a big cup of coffee for waking me up. He’s a little too generous to those salt-of-the-earth American midwesterners, who certainly will treat you with kindness and hospitality personally before going off to vote for torture, bombing, God, more tax cuts for the rich, and against gays, atheists, and non-white people, but otherwise…bracingly good.


  1. markr1957 Inc. says

    “a wanker whipping up fear” – what a wonderful description of the asshats working TPers up into their typical irrational frenzy! I love this guy!

  2. belfastian says

    This was made in 2010 before he was our President so we can forgive him the unpresidential but deserved language.

  3. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    Nothing to forgive here. This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that we need to use here in the US.

    When Kerry ran against Bush, he never used the words “liar” or ” war criminal”. I didn’t understand that.

  4. pipenta says

    Wow. I did listen to this as I had my first cup of coffee. And it was just as bracing and welcomed!


  5. says

    Jeez, I just LOVE Michael D! He is such a worthy replacement to the two Mary’s.

    I listened to this today in work and when he called the lad a “wanker” I nearly spat out my tea!! I was so PROUD of him! But it was only when I listened to the whole thing that I realised this took place during the Gaza Flotilla incident. It also explained why he was being referred to as “Deputy”.

  6. carlie says

    Oh my, that was glorious. I wish politicians here would drop the politeness and tell it like it really is.

  7. says

    It’s nice to listen to a truly educated and experienced person tear apart a hairdo with talking points. Damn, I miss Hitchens.

  8. AussieMike says

    Fuck yeah! Made my night. there is something about an Irish or Scottish accent that makes tearing someone a new one so delightful!

  9. Tony •King of the Hellmouth• says

    I *almost* feel sorry for that Tea Party dude.



    Nothing to forgive here. This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that we need to use here in the US.

    I agree.
    I’d love for politicians to stop beating around the bush about issues of human rights. Speak openly and plainly like President Higgins.
    While they’re at it, they need to start speaking frankly about religion and its pervasive influence on virtually everything.

  10. bbgunn says

    When I’m in Dublin in early October, I’d be honored (or honoured) to buy Mr. Higgins a pint or a whiskey (or both) for this dress down of the TP “wanker.” Short of being able to buy him the beverage(s) of his choice and toast him in person, I will lift up a pint or a whiskey (probably both) to salute him for this performance while I’m there.

  11. sundiver says

    Oh, how I wish American politicians had the guts to say this during a presidential debate. Hell, I’ve been pissed at Obama for not grabbing the shitstains Boehner and McConnell by the lapels, slamming their heads together and bellowing,”Look you fuckwits you had eight goddamn years with the dumbfuck in the oval office and look where it got us, two stupid wars and trillions in debt when Clinton left you a fucking surplus. Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down”. But I’m not very diplomatic.

  12. esmith4102 says

    Michael D. Higgins, president of Ireland – I would be honored to shake your hand when I visit Ireland. The heirs of my ancestors has a lot to teach the soft American left how to stand up to the wankerous tea party frauds and liars!

  13. ladyh42 says

    My neighbors are probably wondering why I was clapping, but who cares, that was frakking awesome!!! I’d be seriously tempted to vote for this guy.

  14. says

    For those of you visiting Ireland, there are free tours of
    Áras an Uachtaráin every Sat morning (first come, first served) and sure you never know, you might run into himself.

    But remember, now he’s our esteemed President he wouldn’t generally be in debates like this anymore. Also, the role is vastly different from the American version of President though he is responsible for ensuring legisation to be signed into Law is constitutional.

  15. says

    TriciaG28 @18: Geds, that’s fecking AWESOME!!!!!

    That’s the Saw Doctors for ya. I’d say that about 85% of my opinions of Irish politics and football come from those lads. So…it’s pretty much Michael D and Galway United all the way for me.

  16. says

    Yeah, big fan of the Saw Doctors (although clearly not a BIG enough one!). Love “N17”. I was in the US for a few years and that song had special meaning (even though I’m not from Galway, it’s the N2 that get’s me home) Can’t fault “Joyce Country Ceilí Band” and “I Useta Love Her”

    Always get a great reaction when they come on in the pub.

  17. fastlane says

    If a US politician on the ‘left’ said something like that, the press would be wringing their hands about how mean and inappropriate it was, and totally ignore the accuracy of the statements. Our press is sadly not doing its job in the US.

    The Faux Noise wankers pretty much control the dialogue, with little exceptions here and there, and we can’t seem to change that. :(

  18. redmcwilliams says

    That was certainly entertaining.

    I feel a little sad though, because it seems like most of the rest of the world has at least a functional knowledge of American politics, but we’re largely ignorant of theirs. I mean, I know we’re the Awesomest Country in the History of Awesome, but I feel like we’re missing something when we’re not at least passingly familiar with the other countries on the planet.

  19. says

    When I go to Ireland to see the home of my ancestors, I’ll be sure to raise a glass (or five) to Mr. Higgins!

    I really wish our Presidents had this kind of temerity.

  20. w00dview says

    Oh hell yes, this makes me very proud that this man is our president. The “liberal media” in the states could sure use more people like Michael D to rip these scumbags a new arsehole.

  21. microraptor says

    If a US politician on the ‘left’ said something like that, the press would be wringing their hands about how mean and inappropriate it was, and totally ignore the accuracy of the statements. Our press is sadly not doing its job in the US.

    No, it isn’t. With very few exceptions, the media does nothing but report on what statements are made by the candidates but avoids actually analyzing those statements for factual content and pointing out inaccuracies, incomplete truths, or outright falsehoods.

  22. says


    Oh, how I wish American politicians had the guts to say this during a presidential debate.

    Oh, but we must be ~~civil~~, you know.


    Our press is sadly not doing its job in the US.

    They’re doing precisely the job their, and our, corporate overlords pay them to do.

  23. anuran says

    This is what happens when a clueless amateur goes up against an old pro.

    “Siddown, boyo. I’m not done schoolin’ you yet”

  24. says

    “What did you expect? “Welcome, sonny”? “Make yourself at home”? “Marry my daughter”? You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.”

  25. drxym says

    Now he’s president which is more or less analogous to the British monarch he probably couldn’t call someone a wanker even if they deserved it. He might even have to sit down to lunch with Mitt Romney some day and make pleasant conversation even if his inner voice was screaming “wankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwankerwanker” the whole time.

  26. neekrhael says

    This reaffirms my belief that the conflict between the GOP and the Dems is a battle between the insane and the spineless. If our Dems showed some backbone in Congress, this conflict would be over.

  27. chrisv says

    John Kerry should have hired Mr Higgins to be his spokesman during the Swiftboating affair. He was clueless and could have used a “tell it as it is” PR person. Mr. President….it’s not too late. This is a street fight, not a Harvard gentlemen’s debate – the loser buying the sherry. It is also a good time to state that religion should have no bearing on this (or any) election, but if it must, the candidates must lay out their sets of belief so that voters can judge which, among the silly, is the silliest (as in…can I really vote for someone who really believes that???….(fill in the blank)).

  28. James says

    …a wanker whipping up fear

    That just entered my personal list of quotable quotes. Well done that man. Not many politicians get my support, think he might be one of them.

  29. demonax says

    The Media—then
    The Media are people, as Mitt would say. here he is right. A few dozen owners or chiefs decide what is done. This is then supposed to be understood by the producers who don’t need to be told -taking the job implies it. That is the Media and it’s raison d’être is double, controlling all discourse and turning it to a profit. This is the “free press” more entertaining- ( controlling the discourse)-than the North Korean Daily News but with the same respect for truth.

  30. zeepaul says

    The guy he chewed out, Michael Graham, is weekly contributor to the radio programme they appeared on. Unfortunately he is rarely, if ever, challenged on his claims. The stuff he comes out with is standard Tea party rhetoric. I haven’t listened to the programme in a while but it was cringe inducing stuff last time I listened to it.

  31. Ava, Oporornis maledetta says

    “and not just a wanker whipping up fear.”
    *Jon Stewart voice* Nailed it! /*Jon Stewart voice*

  32. kreativekaos says

    We need a Senate,… a whole Congress full of the spirited, open, blunt, kick-ass likes of Michael Higgins. Here, here!!!!