Chickens or summer camp?

I’m supposed to be raising money for Camp Quest — I’m competing against a team of tiny, gnome-like little people — and they’re actually edging ahead of me. But now a distraction has come up.

Kasese Humanist Primary School is trying to raise money for a chicken coop, so they can get eggs to feed the kids. Aargh…defeat little pests in competition, or feed hungry children in a humanist school?

You knew what had to win. If you can, donate to Kasese Humanist Primary School. We’ll crush our opponents later, after the kids have had their breakfast.


  1. Gregory in Seattle says

    You like to play the curmudgeon, but we know what you’re REALLY like.

  2. Alukonis, metal ninja says

    Eggs are like chicken babies, and atheists love to eat babies, so it makes perfect sense for PZ to support this.

    Except for the part where the eggs probably aren’t fertilized. But whatever, it’s an imperfect analogy anyway.

  3. Gnumann, quisling of the MRA nation says

    Except for the part where the eggs probably aren’t fertilized

    Hen periods…

  4. aiabx says

    Money sent.
    There’s a joke somewhere in my head about cooperatives run by chickens, but I haven’t had my tea yet and it isn’t coming out funny.

  5. Grumps says

    Watching that total rise is even more fun than watching a poll swing towards total pharyngulation.

    A great cause. Glad to help.

  6. Grumps says

    90% of their total already achieved… Yay!

    Let’s give them twice (or more) of what they need. This school looks like a good thing.

  7. Grumps says

    First an exerpt

    I would also like to extend my warm thanks to PZ Myers and the readers of his Pharyngula blog! Their enormous generosity has been inspiring to me

    Now the full thing:

    I’m thrilled to announce that phase one ($1,200) of our project to build a chicken coop at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda has been achieved!

    I have now extended the goal to include the funds for phase two ($1,100). You can see the projected budgets for phase one and phase two below.
    (Please cut and paste above link into browser if it doesn’t work)

    So I’ve rounded both figures up to the nearest $100 mark because Chipin and Paypal both take a cut (around 6% in total it seems). So we have $1,200 for phase one and around $1,100 for phase two totalling $2,300.

    Just extending the amount for the same Chipin seems like the easiest way to make sure the overflow goes automatically to phase two. Of course, any overflow above phase two will go to funding coop upkeep (e.g. more feed).

    There are only two phases, so once we achieve phase two and reach the final goal of $2,300 the entire coop along with chickens and maintenance tools will be reached!

    So construction can begin as soon as the school is ready! But there is still work to do – namely phase two, where we buy the chickens and support tools.

    I would like to thank all of the donors. I would also like to extend my warm thanks to PZ Myers and the readers of his Pharyngula blog! Their enormous generosity has been inspiring to me

  8. sc_39f4e77e15d3dd416858c87f937727c5 says

    I was so stunned and encouraged by the concept of a humanist school in Africa that I immediately donated $40. Thanks for the tip!

  9. says

    THANK YOU everyone at Pharyngula. We achieved our phase one, this means the school has adequate funds to build the structure. Although it’s 12:00am in Uganda right now, the director, Bwambale Robert, responded to me just 30 minutes ago and is thrilled.

    I will post updates, pictures and movies as the construction progressed on my blog.

    Phase 2 has begun, I just added the amount of this phase to the total, so that’s why it went from 1,200 to 2,300. (I hope this doesn’t confuse too many people.) Phase two involves buying the chickens, vet visits, etc.

    Anyway, there is still a ways to go before we meet the final goal. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

    ** A note about the Chipin widget. Sometimes the thing gets “stuck”. So if it looks like it’s stuck, you’ll need to clear your browser info and reload the page.

    PS: This humanist school is in the same country that has the “Kill the Gays” bill that’s trying to be rammed through their legislative. So it is a “Candle in the Dark” so to speak.

    Thanks again!

  10. sc_39f4e77e15d3dd416858c87f937727c5 says

    Godless Poutine, just so you know, I’m one of those evil homosexuals, and I happily donated to your cause. Let anybody who cares to know that I couldn’t possibly be less interested in “recruiting children into the homosexual lifestyle.”

    Peteykins (

  11. alektorophile says

    Donation sent. How can one resist: a really good cause AND it involves chickens? Just wish I could have given more.

  12. says

    WE MET OUR GOAL! Thanks to everyone.

    Please check out the THANK YOU post:

    THANK YOU! From Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!

    The kids over there made some posters to thank everyone who donated. Check it out. I have hopefully listed all the donors to the project with the right information. You can e-mail me at if this needs to change.

    The end of the post contains a link to an RSS feed that will allow you to follow the progress of the chicken coop project alone (without having to follow my blog… which you are of course welcome to do!).