Great Camp Quest battle?

Apparently, a team of teeny-tiny, insignificant people decided to band together and have a fundraising competition with me. Without telling me. Or maybe they did, and my email is just so screwed up right now that I never saw it. Anyway, they’re all feebly whiffing about my ankles right now, squeaking their defiance in their cute little piping voices — really, it’s adorable, like being mugged by little white mice — so I guess I should acknowledge their existence.

I do notice, though, that this year they haven’t described any forfeits they’ll offer up if they win. Too burned by that last effort, eh? Still have memories of that leg-waxing, JT, or that appearance in a dress, Matt? I really should wait until the little people have screwed up their courage to make it worth my while, but oh, hey, it’s a good cause. They’re raising money for Camp Quest.

They’re doing their best to stack the odds against me, but 12 to 1? Seriously? You’re going to need a bigger boat, Team Awful.


  1. fastlane says

    Grrrr. Used the wrong brackets.

    -=insert maniacal laughter from deep in the volcano fortress here=-

  2. Owlmirror says

    really, it’s adorable, like being mugged by little white mice

    Depends on what you’re being mugged for.

    “All that fuss over two pounds of Earthling brain.”

  3. The Rat King says

    The funny thing is, the Squealing Awful seems to have forgotten that you threw the fight on purpose last year so you would enjoy their shrieks of pain and embarrassment.

    Selective memories, I suspect.

  4. says

    Bwahahahahaha – that’ll mess with the system.

    I made equal contributions to both sides, so neither gets any advantage out of me. Mice, squids, all the same in a good stew.

  5. F says

    Mugged by white mice, eh? I thought it was going in the direction of nibbled to death by cats (or ducks). A mouse mugging sounds delightful.

  6. Musca Domestica says

    Little white mice bite*. I’d go with little white rats instead, a bit larger than mice, but much cuddlier.

    *In my case, any type of animal bites :( Once a wild hedgehog bit me while I was sitting by the garden table, just because my leg was on it’s way.

  7. csmiller says

    insignificant? Come on PZ, they might not have much global reach now, but one (or more) of them could be a great atheist philosopher in the future.