Do not cross Surly Amy

I haven’t even done anything too annoying yet, and look at the picture she’s using to illustrate my participation in CONvergence. I look dopey (but not as dopey as Matt), while Bug Girl gets to look fierce. Subtle sexism at work there…or I do just look goofy all the time. Oh, well.

I’m guessing…it’s just me.


  1. says

    Well… Looking dopey is appropriate, here, since the photo accompanies the announcement of a panel about the physiological effect of drugs! Ahem ;-)

  2. rael says

    I think you have a fairly skeptical look actually. Imagine you’re about to say ‘Oh Really?’ to a particularly irritating creationist and you’ll see what I mean.

  3. Moggie says

    Judging by how Matt’s left arm is sneaking around, I think you’ve been sending mixed messages, you naughty strumpet.

  4. says

    I think she just picked that picture to fit with the text next to it:

    Does alcohol and pot kill brain cells?

  5. =8)-DX says

    There was a gay moment in that photo. I think that is much more awesome than other bodily positioning or lighting.