Pharyngula podcast tomorrow

Remember! Tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am Central I’ll be opening up Google+ and setting up a public chat about those silly creationists. The resulting youtube video will be posted here, if you want to sleep in, or you can watch it streaming live, and even join in.

If you want to talk, come prepared with your favorite creationist foolishness…and also, your refutation of it.

(If you’re reading this shortly after I’ve posted it, you’re awake for it: it will be about this same time tomorrow. Or you can convert US Central time to your time zone.)


  1. b. says

    Well, cool! I have Google+, but haven’t played with it at all. This will be an excellent opportunity to both see how it works and be entertained in a completely lurking-in-the-background sort of way.

  2. kirikasena says

    Is there any chance you could highlight tips/resources for helping a creationist (more open-minded than most) realize the truth about evolution? She (my mother) has started Jerry Coyne’s book, but she has already said that she doesn’t expect this book to change her mind. Normally, I’d just give up (at least temporarily), but her views affect the things that my younger sisters learn, and that’s what really bothers me.

  3. mothra says


    Try Richard Dawkins’ Greatest Show on Earth . A more accessible book for the general reader.

  4. Sili says

    I hope you can wrangle DDMFM and Jules into participating when they return from exhuming ‘spondyls.

  5. Tigger_the_Wing says

    I’m having trouble converting the time. ‘US Central time’, doesn’t appear on the list. Help, please!

  6. thunk = ∫ SQRRAWK! d(MQG) says


    US Central is UTC-5 hours; that means the talk will be at 15:00 UTC.

  7. Tigger_the_Wing says

    thunk = ∫ SQRRAWK! d(MQG)


    US Central is UTC-5 hours; that means the talk will be at 15:00 UTC.

    Thank you! =^_^=

    ***Does the calculation***


    Now I just need to stay awake until 1am.

    Me, too. I have trouble staying awake past 22:00.

    Oh well; looks like I won’t be watching it live after all. Sigh.

  8. reynoldhall says

    Does it count if I give an example of creationist psychological or historical manipulations instead of a lie about the actual physical sciences?

  9. says

    When you start the podcast could you post directions on how to find it? I’ve never used googlee+ before, it’s just kind of sat there since I got it.