Do not disturb for a little bit

I’m home at last. I actually get to spend like 9 consecutive days here without setting foot in an airplane or driving hundreds of miles…and it’s such a relief for now. And it’s so nice to be sent this soothing image.

Now I get to sleep in a little while.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Hopefully your drive home wasn’t in pouring rain like mine was tonight. Sleep long and tight, and dream of the Trophy Wife™ and/or cephalopods.

  2. evilDoug says

    Is that the moon making good its getaway before it is sucked into the morass of insanity that is the Earth? Slán libh, moon.

  3. ramblindude says

    Don’t forget to compose your reply to Beauregard’s latest as you sleep tonight!

  4. Crudely Wrott says

    It descends. Soon it will be all around us.

    Anyone got a palliative for tentacules and suckers and cinemagraphic skin?

  5. says

    Speaking of the Moon, this Halloween the moon will be full* – so watch out for were-squids!

    *Well, technically just past full, but it will look like it is to the naked eye.

  6. DLC says

    And Dreaming PZ slept in his cold fastness, dreaming sanguine dreams of seeing his enemies consumed.

  7. says

    I marvel all the time at how you travel and party that much every weekend while teaching a new course on cancer biology during the week. Hats off, PZ.

  8. Azuma Hazuki says

    Wow, I knew mimic octopi were talented but I didn’t know they could do that. Well played. Mr. Pus, well played :)