What makes Bill O’Reilly funny

It’s that his attempts at humor are so cluelessly unaware. A good comedian has to be able to laugh at themselves, and O’Reilly and his assistant clown just can’t quite pull it off.


  1. says

    I am of two minds about Bill O’Reilly. Sometimes I think there is nothing at all funny about the pompous, preening gasbag, who thinks he is so smart, superior, and witty. The rest of the time I find him irresistibly hilarious — the comedian of the tides — and his lack of self-awareness just makes him all the more entertaining. There’s no “knowing” humor in O’Reilly.

  2. says

    I would say that watching a conservative talking head trying to be funny is like watching paint dry, but at least with the paint, there is the fumes to help the time pass.
    St. Gonzo

  3. says

    The irony of Bill O’Reilly (Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter, _____) is that hating them sustains them. I was about to argue that his whole schtick could be a Poe, but I like to think that no anti-theist would be a big enough hypocrite to pander to the godbots for money and fame.

  4. frankb says

    As a former Quaker myself, I would say that O’Reilly’s chum had to move quite a bit away from Quakerism to ridicule a hated minority. His actions showed why he is a former Quaker. Imagine a former Amishperson praising the latest ipads. Quakers gave America Nixon so you better watch out for them.

  5. Rob says

    I think Bill O. is the only one on FoxNews who actually can be funny from time to time, although it only seems to happen when he sits down with Jon Stewart.

  6. Ogvorbis (no relation to the Ogg family) says

    His humour is more of a Mister Magoo cluelessness rather than actual intentional humour. And, like Mister Magoo, some find it hilarious, some find it boring and useless, and some think it is a documentary filled with Foxfacts!

  7. jonesey says

    The guy in the blue shirt with the giant cephalopod attacking the ark is ME! That Jesse guy was the smuggest clueless asshole when he was interviewing me. I expected them to take my words out of context to change the meaning. Instead they just turned it all into a lame comedy bit.

    You can watch my entire interview on youtube:

  8. Menyambal -- damned dirty ape says

    Fifteen percent of the people in this nation are worthy of ridicule?!? Yay, Fox News.

  9. dano says

    Not bad Jonesy but I think he found the right guy to interview. I enjoyed the laugh.

  10. nesetalis says

    my favorite line “but there are so few atheists” followed by “15% of americans” :P
    whether the statistic is accurate or not, 15% is hardly “Few”. considering according to wikipedia islam is only 1% >.>