Piling on to a poll

Some silly person tried to protest Rock Beyond Belief by creating a poll at the Fort Bragg site…when will they learn? You do not use internet polls to try and counter atheists. We charge in and destroy them.

Even before I got word of it, various atheist sites hit this one hard. Nothing wrong with piling on, though, right? Let’s remind them of the futility of opposing us in this medium by making it even more lopsided.

Will you support the atheist concert venue on post this month?

Yes 93%

No 6%


  1. sadunlap says

    I really like the words “this is not a scientific poll” in meek little letters. Ya’ think?

  2. Pteryxx says


    These anti-women bills are popping up like rabbits. It’s as if there were a conspiracy.

    Well, there kinda is. Inasmuch as religious backing and religious money come with helpful suggestions from religious organizations and all that.

    Anyway, this one is in RHODE ISLAND of all places. Hey, you folks in the great liberal North, far away from the hellholes below the Bible Belt… be on your guard.

  3. alisonstreight says

    The homeopathy poll is 52.2% for sanity, 47.8% for nuts.

    The other poll has been succesully infiltrated: 15.87% no to 84.13% yes.

    People die in the UK? Who knew? Perhaps the dingbat who set up this poll thinks we should live forever – better living through pharaceuticals.

  4. says


    Anyway, this one is in RHODE ISLAND of all places.

    That’s hardly surprising. Look how most of RI acted toward Jessica Ahlquist. Did you forget evil little thing?

  5. machintelligence says

    The poll is in the Cranston Patch. That’s Jessica’s hometown paper.

  6. says

    looks like i’m not the only one who was able to “hack” the poll: i saw the numbers flying up every time i clicked(yes, as an atheist, i’m unscrupulous enough to click “yes” a few extra times on a meaningless poll). i put “hack” in quotes because it’s really trivial to do: using a javascript blocker(i have noscript), allow patch.com, but don’t allow patch-assets.com. then click away! ;) when you finally wanna see the results, allow patch-assets.com. MASSACRE! :D

  7. quentinlong says

    I voted, and the results are… odd.
    Will you support the atheist concert venue on post this month?

    Yes—3386 (48%)
    No—75 (1%)
    Total votes: 3461

    Hmm. Since when does 3386/3461 equal 48%?

  8. anubisprime says

    No idea if it is related in any way but when I click the links to the polls….I get a page that displays …

    “PATCH Ooops! error occurred try later” message!

    Methinks Pharyngula went ‘n’ gorn ‘n’ busted t’innta’tubes!

    But it might also be a server issue my end!

  9. gr4tuitou5 says

    Truely, I’d rather see these online polls seen for the unrepresentative garbage they are and disappear into the nether.

  10. janeymack says

    5,775 Yes (98%)
    89 No (1%)

    I also got a chuckle out of “This is not a scientific poll” at the bottom.

  11. anubisprime says

    “This is not a scientific poll”

    Yep..it strikes me that the muppet that set that one expected it to get hammered in the negative but hoped against hope it just might squeak through in support…

    No harm trying but cover ya butt in case it probably doesn’t by claiming ‘“This is not a scientific poll” that means they can say…”well of course the poll does not reflect accuracy because it is not scientifical…but actually our research shows the opposite conclusion”

    Of course the ‘other research’ is never revealed for scrutiny…that would be …Hmmm!…stupid!…anyway it was looking for wiggle room..a trait that all theist dumbfucks use seemingly these days.
    Funny how they expect to be slapped down on their utter idiocy…but do it anyway…either hard of learning or just dumbfucks full-stop…you decide?