1. davidct says

    I agree that de Botton is conciliatory to the point of mind mush. What he fails to realize is that effective marketing can be a completely secular activity. The techniques used by religion are not unique and we do not need our own cult to take advantage of them. The law in these parts suggests head shots for zombies.

  2. christdenier says

    De Botton writes about this crap apparently because he’s never actually experienced religion, as a friend of mine recently noted.

  3. Gregory Greenwood says

    De Botton is clearly infected.

    *Hands PZ his Cyberpistol*

    You know what you have to do.

  4. Woo_Monster says

    But religions are so good at indoctrinating kids. We must learn from them how to properly brain-wash people not yet matured enough to fend for themselves! That is the way to promote rationality and critical thinking.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    When maintaining order in a post-apocalyptic society, there are groups of undead that might make even better sheriffs than P Z Myers.
    I recall a story in Heavy Metal Magazine that had a vampire doing some very effective policing against the post-apocalyptic gangs of looters.

    I am not certain about the optimal use of vampires in the accomodation debate, however.