Jeezus. 24? Really?

I didn’t know they made them that young. I scarcely remember that time — that was that abnormal moment in life when joints don’t creak and your back doesn’t ache and you have absolutely no idea what your future is going to be like, right? I’d wish her a happy birthday, but the young don’t need the acknowledgment.

Hey…am I the oldest codger on freethoughtblogs? Now there’s a depressing thought.


  1. niftyatheist says

    LOL PZ! At 50, I am feeling the creaks a bit these days, too. But never fear – we ancient ones make up in spit and vinegar what we may feel is (slightly) waning youthful insouciance!

  2. NewEnglandBob says


    Hey, I’m 60 and right at mid life. Never mind the heart attack, cardiac arrest and bad genes on one side. I’m going until 120.

  3. peterh says

    I’m 68, and while I often state I’d sooner burn out than rust out, I don’t look too closely lest both processes be found nibbling away at me. Life’s too short to worry about signs of age.

  4. arakasi says

    Hank Fox has a couple of years on you (his Charlie & Me series implies he is at least 57) and he qualifies as a codger. I think that the position of FTB Curmudgeon is still open, though.

  5. Ing says

    Hey…am I the oldest codger on freethoughtblogs? Now there’s a depressing thought.

    No. You’re the oldest codger on freefromthoughtblogs


  6. julian says

    obvious troll is obvious

    Joints not creaking at 24? Hah! I wish. -Beatrice

    Oh yeah… can’t wait to see what my knees are like 20 years from now.

  7. julian says


    Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you were trolling. The first bit of my comment referred to a comment Prof Myers has already deleted. My bad.

  8. Beatrice says

    Ok, sorry. I thought that part of julian’s post was addressing me.

    I have also been developing some hip problems, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be happy with the state of my body in twenty years. Considering my mother has one artificial hip and the other is heading the same way, I’m probably screwed.

  9. says

    Of course you’re not oldest codger on freethought blogs, I am! I’m 157, as is well known.

    I didn’t see the hoggling, but knowing his form, I bet it was more about how old and repulsive I am. Very true.

  10. Dhorvath, OM says

    I ride regularly with a guy who is fifty five and another who had a stroke last year, age doesn’t describe people’s limits all that well.

  11. Graham Martin-Royle says

    PZ, you’re still a youngster so stop worrying (said from the grand old age of 56, -lol-).

  12. mothra says

    “[At 55,] I can still see and hear [and comment] as is my wont.” (Slightly modified) from a speech given by Lord Denethor to Gandalf.

    Back at age 50, I took up long distance bicycling. Now every summer I bike about 4,000 miles. I like my 50’s!

  13. Loqi says

    As a 24 year old with a spinal injury, I can say not all of us will recall our 24th year that way.

  14. Carlie says

    I have to keep up with the lingo – is hoggling the term just for Frank hoggle’s trolling, or for anyone emanating from his same source point (i.e. “slimepitting”?)

  15. Tigger_the_Wing says

    Well, I’m 54 today, just a day short of thirty years older than Jen (who is three and a half years younger than my daughter, also called Jen). With the aid of an electric motor, and a trailer (to carry the dog, the shopping and my wheelchair), I can still cycle a few times a week despite having had crippling arthritis and a dodgy heart since my teens.

    It’s yah-boo-sucks day to a certain Dr Carmen, GP, too; I am now twice the age I was when he declared that I should have died already!

    And this Lambeth Lass is going with hubby to see a live performance of Me and My Girl tonight! =^_^=

  16. tim rowledge, Ersatz Haderach says

    I was just about to razz on ibyea about getting to 21 before the creaking-knee problem arose (mine have made crunchy noises that can distract hungry warthogs since I was seven and ripped open the synovial membranes playing soccer. turns out blood is a quite good bone solvent given enough time) when I saw Loqi’s comment. Now that really sucks and I hope Loqi is getting whatever treatment is suitable.
    Spinal damage is a pain (sorry) in so many ways. I had a friend with spinabifida some years ago, which was an alarming education in just how much of a problem a damaged spine can be. Another friend has suffered from minor sounding vertebral problems for years and multiple surgeries have made only trivial improvements.
    I’m relatively lucky since my injuries only put paid to my Olympic hopes and should be amenable to knee and hip transplants at some stage. Oh the things you young sprouts have to look forward to….

  17. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Hey, you young punk kids, this old man has a dodgy heart, has arthritis in my hip, and wears reading glasses to see the computer screen. But I’m still winning sailboat races, beating skippers half my age. If this 63 year old man is competitive in a sport then there should be nothing stopping you.

  18. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    I’m pretty sure Jeezus is supposed to be more than 24?
    Urummm… maybe not.

    Left birthday wishes for Jen on her blog, Ah, to be 24 again! If I only knew then what I know now, (sigh).

    But, LEGOs! Lots and lots (mountains even) of LEGOs!

    I want prosthetic replacement parts to better than the originals. Better, stronger, faster. You get the idea. Plus, I still want my jet pack and flying car!

    I think that’s enough random ejaculations for tonight, don’t want to step on our hosts toes.

  19. says

    Happy birthday, Tigger-the-wing, and many happy returns of the day.

    If anyone is worried about their creaky bones, two things you can do for them are to put each joint through its entire range of motion each day, to maintain that range, and take up some sort of weight-bearing exercise. Bones increase in density when you put moderate force on them. Cycling and swimming don’t qualify but running, weight lifting, or other strength training is effective. And runners’ knees wear out more slowly than non-runners’ do; they just complain more because it makes them stop running.