Remember: it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I have to give a lecture on the evolution of the nervous system today. I don’t think I can do it with a plethora of “arrr’s” unless I drink a lot of rum first.

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  1. Brother Ogvorbis, Fully Defenestrated Emperor of Steam, Fire and Absurdity says

    I don’t think I can do it with a plethora of “arrr’s” unless I drink a lot of rum first.

    Not sure I could enter a classroom filled with the same students day after day without a bottle of rum. Arrr!

  2. pelamun says

    Wow, that is indeed a great circumstance in light of the Berlin pirate party’s resounding victory from last night. I might also add, good riddance to the (neo-)liberal party that got even fewer votes than the Neo-Nazis..

  3. Special One says

    If St. Pauli beats Karlsruher this afternoon it will be fantastic sweep for German pirates!

    Arrrr, be champions!

  4. Birger Johansson says

    Arr, our brains comes from the lineage of synapsids, mammals and primates.
    George the Gray Parrot came from the lineage of archosaurs, dinosaurs, theropods and birds.
    This shows convergent evolution (mimics arr-ing noises of parrot, eats a cracker).

  5. tfkreference says

    I don’t think I can do it with a plethora of “arrr’s” unless I drink a lot of rum first.

    …and the problem is?

  6. Zugswang says

    I’ve shown up to work today in full pirate regalia. I’m very glad my lab has a sense of humor. At least more than my students did two years ago when I gave both my lectures that way (though I did have to promise not to do the pirate voice during lecture).

  7. Brownian says

    Tomorrow is Stand Like A Carthief Day.

    I can’t wait! I’ve got my Slim Jim ready and I’ve picked out the bandanna I’m going to wrap around my hand!

  8. jias says

    This is unrelated to pirates so please forgive me but I was watching the Jerry Bergman debate you did and I wanted to know… Was there any truth to his claim that there was a teacher who was fired for teaching the periodic table?

  9. says

    For those at facebook….

    Look at the bottom of the page, and click on your language (English (US) )

    You will see the languages available, like:

    English (Pirate)
    English (UK)
    English (Upside Down)
    English (US)

    And select English (Pirate)

    And join to Talk Like a Pirate Day at facebook..

    Unfortunately it only works in english… :(

  10. pelamun says

    Is this talk like a pirate nonsense really relevant in languages other than English? I might have missed it though, please do enlighten me…

  11. NitricAcid says

    I think I’ll have to rearrange my lectures so that I can discuss the ideal gas law today. That way, my students will know that PV/nT is equal to ARRRRR!

    Ignoring van der Waals’ forces, of course.

  12. says


    Pirate tales (and slang) are nor as popular in Spanish, since usually Spaniards were not the pirates but the victims… But we have also our share of

    but I must say to our spanish speaking readers:

    Arrrggg, grumetillos d´ gua sala´a ¡Joder!, ¿pus que no sabéis que día es hoy, ratas de cloaca?

  13. pelamun says

    Oh right, also y’all might be interested to hear that one of the demands the Berlin Pirate Party had was “privatisation of religion”. In a country where there is no clear separation between state and church, that would be indeed a great step forward…

  14. Mr. Fire says

    I have to give a lectureARR on the evolution of the nerARRvous system today. I don’t think I can do it with a plethoraARR of “arrr’s” unless I drink a lot of rum firARRst.


  15. gkdada says

    How about singing like pirate (at least peter sellers’ pirate)?

    Sixteen chests on a dead man’s rum!
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of the chest!
    Drink to the devil and some for the rum……

  16. Myao says

    Aha! It all makes sense now. I’m a Hooters Girl, and today, we were required to dress up as pirates. We have monthly dress-up days, usually appropriately themed for whatever major holiday or season it happens to be, and at first, I couldn’t make the connection! September, and… pirates?! Well, don’t I feel silly?

    All hail the FSM! :)

  17. Sili says

    I mentioned this to the kids Friday.

    And then promptly forgot today …

    More authentic.

    LanguageLog has dealt with Piratic phonology at times. As I recall it, the hyperrhoticity only goes back to the first filmatisations of Treasure Island. I could look it up, but why should I.

  18. uberd00b says

    “Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ok…’WE HAVE KIDNAPPED YOUR FAMILY, GIVE US $2 MILLION OR WE WILL SHOOT THEM’.” – Jimmy Carr

  19. cannabinaceae says

    PZ and any other biologists/chemists/knowledgablefolk should be able to answer this:

    What is a Pirate’s favorite amino acid?