Charity marathon Saturday and Sunday

It’s time for DPR Jones’ yearly fundraiser for Doctors without Borders. Starting tomorrow, there will be a marathon on BlogTV, with assorted guests (note: UK time) appearing to chat and take questions. Barbara Forrest, Eugenie Scott, Matthew Chapman, Lawrence Krauss, an insane creationist, Abbie Smith, Nonstampcollector, AronRa, ZOMGitscriss, Michael Shermer, AC Grayling, Thunderf00t, James Randi, Matt Dillahunty, and even me (I’m on at 10pm my time tomorrow evening). Jones is going to have to stay up for 24 hours, and may get entertainingly punchy near the end, so be sure to tune in for the whole thing.

Oh, and donate.


  1. says

    For once, II must urge Republicans to match funds with PZ – if ,as a nation ,we had kept up support for Medicins Sans Frontiers following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, we , and the Taliban, might not be there in force today.

  2. Rockatte says

    Btw, the “insane creationist” you speak of will actually be youtube user Darkmatter2525 doing his satirical impersonation of user Nephilimfree. It’s pretty spot-on if you’ve ever seen the real Neph.

  3. stubby says

    I bid on the Creationist Cat video. I’ll have to think about who I want him to pwn. Perhaps a certain sodomite who lives just down the road in a little town I like to call Morris? Muhaha…Muwahaha…MUWAHAHAHAHA!!1

  4. David Utidjian says

    I have been donating US$10/month for several years now. I will keep doing so as long as I have an income.