Look, Ma, my name’s hovering above the city of Melbourne!

The 2012 Global Atheist Convention is gearing up and putting tickets on sale right now, so it’s time for you to start planning. Get your tickets now!


  1. Wowbagger, Madman of Insleyfarne says

    Now? Pfft. I’ve had my tickets for over two weeks. All the way with the AFA, baby. Now I’ve just got to organise getting my ass across to Melbourne, and somewhere to keep it warm and dry as I sleep off all the booze after each night’s debauchery.

  2. jasondick says

    Somewhat off topic, but I find it sad (on the part of your ad service) that your ad service has decided to post lots and lots of ads for Scientology on your blog posts.

  3. says

    I can’t wait for this, will be amazing to see PZ, Lawrence Krauss, Hitch, Ayaan Ali Hirsi, Dan Dennett, Sam Harris, Dawkins and lots more here in Melbourne.

    Hope to meet you at some point when you’re here PZ!

  4. Lynn Wilhelm says

    Too much money to get down under, but I should be able to make it to Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Bragg, NC.
    Will you be there, PZ?

  5. Wowbagger, Madman of Insleyfarne says

    Patrick wrote:

    Hope to meet you at some point when you’re here PZ!

    Just hang around the bar. He’ll show up eventually…

    But, seriously, all the Pharyngulites managed to find each other last time around, and we tracked PZ down pretty much straight away – so I think your chances are pretty good.

  6. AussieMike says

    Sadly I will not be able to make it and I’m only up the road in Brisbane. However I do hope you enjoy our hospitality and awesome beer.

    I recommend you try Crown Lager.
    Just be careful and go slow, after all we Aussies have a saying about American Beer. It’s like having sex in a canoe….fucking close to water! But I’m sure you’ll find a way to cope.

  7. StevoR says

    I recommend the Coopers Pale Ales or better still Coopers Sparkling Ales (“Amnesia Ales”) for ya, PZ! ;-)

  8. illuminata says

    Oh man, I would love to go. Going to have to start pricing to see if its feasible. That’s an amazing lineup.

    PZ, you got the best name card in that.

  9. StevoR says

    BTW. Any chance you could take a slight detour to Adelaide South Australia (my home town and that of Aussie astronuat Andy Thomas among others) while your over here? Please?

  10. AussieMike says

    Here’s an idea PZ, Why not let us shout you to an Aussie Pub crawl. Start in Melbourne and just work your way around until you get to Cairns. Then it’s out to the Great Barrier Reef for some cephalopod viewing.

    Now given your departure point is probably Melbourne you will have to drink your way back but we can help you with that to.

    If you’re really keen you can go across to the Pilbara region and check out some of those 3.5 billion year old bacteria we have here. Oh the possibilities!

  11. Aliasalpha says

    Oooh I’d rather like to go to that but I’m not sure I can afford it. Actually I AM sure that I CAN’T afford it.

    Ooh then again, its 2 weeks before my birthday, I might be able to wangle it as a present

  12. Dr. I. Needtob Athe says

    All those names!

    Only a few decades ago, if you spotted the word “atheist” in a newspaper headline you knew right away that the article was about Madalyn Murray O’Hair. She was “the” atheist, not particularly likeable or attractive, and her role was that of a civil rights activist fighting for freedom of religion rather than a scientist who could speak with authority about the question God’s existence. The situation has changed quite a bit since then.

  13. Lindsay says

    Got my tickets, can’t wait. I thought it odd that shipping insurance was offered, but only up to Australia Post’s standard minimum of $100, i.e. no option to pay the few extra dollars to make it the value of the tickets. For tickets that cost several hundred dollars this is a ridiculous oversight.

    I recommend the Coopers Pale Ales or better still Coopers Sparkling Ales (“Amnesia Ales”) for ya, PZ! ;-)

    Don’t bother with that bland rubbish. For commonly available Australian tap beers in Melbourne, Little Creatures Pale Ale is where it’s at, IMO followed by White Rabbit Dark Ale.

  14. captainchaos says

    Christopher Hitchens is coming to this? I thought he was too sick for that these days. I hope this means he’s getting better! Is his voice back?

  15. says

    See you there!

    That’s right. There will always be Norwegian representatives at nerd conferences, even on the other side of the planet.


  16. says

    and we tracked PZ down pretty much straight away

    Yeah well, a certain Bride and I just rang him up at his Hotel and demanded he come and meet us, truth be told LOL. Long time ago !

    Christopher Hitchens is coming to this? I thought he was too sick for that these days.

    I am extremely annoyed about this, and shame on you, AFA, for this cynical display. Hitchens is too ill to fly from Washington to New York these days, I’m attending a skeptic meeting next weekend with Shermer and NDGT here in Melbourne, where it is said that he will attend via video link, but the AFA has been shamelessly advertising this convention with mention of the 4 horsemen for months, knowing full well that Hitchens won’t be there and can’t be there. It’s embarrassing and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  17. Randomfactor says

    I’ll just wait for the reviews. Aren’t there any explosions in this movie? And does PZ finally break his “no nudity” clause?

  18. FossilFishy says

    I live only a few hours away. Missed it in 2010 cause I was an idiot and I’m going to miss it this time because I can’t afford it. Piss, damn, fuck.

  19. Baktru says

    Interesting. PZ and Dawkins within reasonable reach… I’m contemplating visiting Aussieland now.

    PZ, you don’t have any plans to visit Singapore or somewhere even closer any time soon, do you?

  20. says

    If its not too much trouble, would it be possible to move this convention to Philadelphia? If you’d rather have it in Australia that’s cool, I understand

  21. Holms says

    Is there a particular reason why PZM’s name was next to what is essentially a giant metal penis? Unsubtle recognition of your ‘pro-nudity’ clause perhaps.

    To weigh in on the beer debate: Coopers Dark Ale. So damn tasty.

    LAstly, a word on pronounciation: PZ pronounced ‘pee zee’ sounds very similar to ‘peasy’, a common(ish) Australian contraction of ‘piss easy’. So, do you prefer ‘Pee Zed Myers’ or ‘Piss Easy Myers’?

  22. stubby says

    Celebration of Reason? More like celebration of treason!!1 Sorry, that’s my vestigial christianity talking. I wish I could go.

  23. says

    Christopher Hitchens is an honourable man and he has agreed to appear in person at the 2012 Global Atheist Convention next year. He would not have agreed if he did not think he could fulfil that obligation. The GAC Committee is in constant contact with Christopher’s agent and at this stage, everything is going ahead as planned. As to why Christopher is not appearing live in Melbourne next week, is not something I can answer.

  24. Brian says

    Holms says:
    Is there a particular reason why PZM’s name was next to what is essentially a giant metal penis?

    The spire is over the Victorian Arts Centre, a rather fitting tribute to PZ Myers for his entertainment value and artistry in his posts.

    If you would like an aerial view, please go to,

    and while you are there, take a look around and see if you can recognise the other landmarks in the video.
    The opening shot is of the Flinders Street Railway Station.
    One you won’t see is the Shot Tower with Sam Harris,
    unless you take the time to visit it under the glass.

    When visiting, avoid all the big brand commercial beers such as Carlton, Coopers etc. We have a multitude of small brewers here and they are second to none. You would be missing a great experience and an opportunity to support a real brewing industry.
    And please, drink in moderation and don’t get knocked off driving by the booze bus!

  25. 'Tis Himself, pour encourager les autres says

    I don’t have a “no nudity” clause! The meeting organizers always force me to accept one.

    There’s also the shouts of “Put it on! Put it on!”

  26. Phasic says

    I’ve got my tickets (through the AFA), and I persuaded my Man to come with this time, too.

    I also better bug Charlie Foxtrot about it. Although, he does have other things to spend his money on, such as feeding and housing his children, so we’ll see.

    At any rate, should be a good time!

  27. Timinane says

    I had my money reading for tickets but then I saw the light and one man is coming who has taken my money for the good of all.
    My lord and saviour… Stephen Fry.

    Sorry PZ, Britians finest Brit outranks Americas finest biologist/atheist.

  28. shawnthesheep says


    I’m actually going to be in Melbourne at the time of this conference and would love to attend, but $300+ for registration is way more than I can afford. I know they need money to pay their speakers and all, but damn that’s a lot of scratch.

  29. Tigger_the_Wing says

    I haz a sad. I cannot come. You lot had better really enjoy yourselves!

    Anyhow, Alethea H. Claw gave me a heads-up and, as a consolation prize, hubby is taking me to see John Cleese perform in Canberra that weekend. =^_^=

  30. marella says

    I will be there, just paid out ludicrous sums for two tickets for me and my son. Last time we (Bride of Shrek) organized a meeting with PZ in Chloe’s Bar on the Thursday before the convention. Perhaps we could do something similar this time. There is also the question of organising the Pharyngula table at the Saturday night dinner. As a Melbournite I would be happy to help do both of these things.

  31. nerdburger says


    Pick me, pick me! I want to be on the pharyngula table! Please don’t make me revert to my childhood ways of stamping my feet until I get chosen.

  32. nerdburger says

    You didn’t know? We cast a secret vote and elected you ‘Grandest of Grand Poobah’
    Has a rather nice ring to it :)

  33. marella says

    Well I’m flattered. ;-) I have sent PZ an email and I assume there will be announcements on future posts on the GAC regarding what Pharyngulites can do about these things. See you there!

  34. says

    Qantas is known as the Spirit of Australia. It is second oldest airline in the world having started its humble beginnings in the outback of Australia in a place called Longreach back in 1920. While others have come and gone, Qantas now wears the crown as Australia’s oldest and largest domestic and international carrier. Qantas is rated as one of Australia’s most trusted brands and its logo is highly recognised in many foreign countries around the world. Flight Attendant jobs with Qantas are hotly contested and forever sought after.

  35. marella says

    Qantas is rapidly spiraling the drain. The share price has approximately halved over the last year and the bad news just keeps coming. The chief executive just gave himself a 70% salary rise for off-shoring jobs and the unions are staging rolling strikes in protest. Anyone who works for Qantas has my heartfelt sympathy.

    Qantas used to be the pride of Australia, now it is an sad reminder that privatisation is not the answer to everything.

  36. Artemisia says

    I’m more of a lurker than a poster but I’m attending the GAC (and the Think Inc conference next week) and would love to be on a Pharyngula table or at any social event.

  37. Jason says

    For all those complaining about ticket price, please remember this is probably the cheapest 3 day convention going around. It’s cheaper than other local offerings such as TAM and Think Inc, not to mention TED or any other similar conference, which costs upward of a few thousand dollars for ticket registration alone.

    Remenber that the ticket price includes three days of catering, and with the costs of venue hire, speaker fees, flights and accomodation, the AFA is projecting to run the convention on a break even basis.

    Further, all footage from the event is released online via YouTube and Vimeo, completely free.

    So anyone crying ‘elitist’ – please STFU.

  38. Wowbagger, Madman of Insleyfarne says

    Please count me in on the Pharyngula table(s) as well – but I’m okay in letting someone else enjoy the experience of sitting with PZ and ‘translating’ the Australianisms (mostly football-related) for him that I got to do last time around.

  39. Charlie Foxtrot (lagging behind) says

    Woot! Tax return time :)

    OK – Got tickets for myself and the principle-significant-life-companion-and-offspring-maternal-unit! (that’s too long, lets go with “Lima Bravo”)

    Won’t be doing the dinner, but looking forward to socialising with the Pharyngulites again, and again trying to mentally replace handles with real names (“but he looks like a “Wowbagger””)

  40. Phasic says

    Oh, I forgot to mention that my major-life-companion-significant-squeeze-and-chief-bedwarmer-nerd-of-my-heart and I *will* be coming to the dinner, so that is two more for the Pharyngulite (Pharyngulim?) table/s. And associated Pharyngula-themed events.