The Molly of May

Howdy all! This is MG Myers.

Pharyngula is known for its vibrant community of commenters, and May was no exception. The May Mollies have been tabulated and the winner is <drum roll>

Audley Z. Darkheart!

Audley is hereby inducted in the distinguished Order of the Molly. Virtual champagne all around!

As you are celebrating with the new inductee, be sure to leave the names of your June Molly nominations and the reasons for their selection in the comments.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Congratulations, Audley.

    Now I have no clue about who to vote for for last May. I’ll have to do some research.

  2. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Both Brother Ogvorbis and Classical Cipher have done service above and beyond the call of duty in the MRA Wars recently. Well, lots of folks have, but they stick out in my head among the un-Mollified.

  3. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Yes, SC reminds me, also Rorschach, for meritorious duty of the same.

  4. says

    I’ve officially deleted my old Pharyngula bookmark, and bookmarked here. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough to suggest a Molly, so this is off topic and I should be banned. But please wait until after Anti-Caterday when I show off my new custom t-shirt!

  5. says

    Congratulations, Audley! Well-deserved chorus lines of conga rats decked in sequins will entertain you and Mr. Darkheart while you drink champagne.

  6. strange gods before me says

    Classical Cipher! For tirelessly fighting general obtuseness, as in this thread, with a guest appearance from Calculon:

    Nightjar! For bringing sense to this conversation with Otto: (I wonder what became of Otto, anyway? I think she and we could use the mutual challenge.)

  7. John Morales says

    Huzzah to Audley Z. Darkheart!

    This round, I plonk for Markita Lynda who has been doughty in the trenches.

    Amphiox and CJO also come to mind.

    (Rorschach is a regular regardless)

  8. says

    Congratulations, Audley! Hurray!

    Nominating: Classical Cipher, who has been above and beyond for many months and who has done much heavy lifting even when it’s at her own expense. She is clear, calm and reasonable in her post and she’s absolutely lovely when she’s snarling quietly.

  9. John Morales says

    [AKron, good on ya for acknowledging Audley OM.

    (A bit weak that you don’t feel you have anyone to nominate, but)]

  10. Classical Cipher says

    Congratulations to Audley! Well-deserved chocolate, confetti, and swill coming through the Tubes to you. Though lacking much memory of June, I’ll nth the noms for Brother Og and Rorschach – both have been consistently awesome for some time now.

  11. Patricia, OM says

    Congratulations to Audley! Now no longer the junior partner in the Pharyngula law firm of Audley, Patricia & Caine.

    Your gold inlayed paddle awaits you in the OM lounge, welcome to the orgy.

  12. Patricia, OM says

    *Ta-Duh* I made notes –
    ING #176 – Working Blue thread.
    ING #55 – Complex Eyes in the Cambrian thread.
    ING #96 – They Have Secret Meetings thread.

    I’ve lost track of where the fuck those threads were, but I vote for Ing.

    Honorable mention – Harold – A Conversion Story thread.
    And just because it was so damned funny Raven #65 – 10th Israeli Dinosaur Cavalry remark.

  13. Emrysmyrddin says

    Congratulations Audley!

    I’ll lurk a little longer before I dare omnomnominate some one!

  14. chigau () says

    Yay, Audley!
    Does s/he who was once ODS have an OM yet?
    also Rorschach for OM.

  15. The Rat King says

    Kind of a downer, but I did just see an advert here for Ann Coultergeist’s new book in the sidebar.

    I almost threw up all over my monitor…

  16. First Approximation, L'esprit de l'escalier says

    Congrats Audley!

    I vote for:
    Classical Cipher

  17. maureen.brian says

    Congratulations, Audley. A well deserved award.

    I’ll second Classical Cipher for all the reasons mentioned but I wanted to nominate Carlie for positively heroic efforts, and done with great wit, during the Divine Right to Proposition series.

  18. Audley Z. Darkheart OM, purveyor of candy and lies says

    Thanks, everybody! ♥!

    Classical Cipher gets my vote for May, for general awesomeness and all of her hard work.

    And I’m going to repeat my nom for Brother Ogvorbis for his williness to wade into troll infestation and make reasonable arguments.

  19. Audley Z. Darkheart OM, purveyor of candy and lies says

    Er, those are June noms, obvs. Haven’t had any coffee yet.

  20. says

    Congratulations Audley Z. Darheart, OM! Festivities begin at noon. Debauchery begins at noon:01.

    I haven’t been around a whole lot. There are many I feel deserve OMd. I will join the chorus for Classical Cipher, Brother Ogvorbis, and Rorschach.

    A shout-out to pteryxx, as well. You’re next.

  21. Brother Ogvorbis (blather) says

    Congrats, Audley.

    As for June’s Mollys. Hell, I can’t remember anything that happened before the Great MRAsshole Infestation of 2012, so I’m not sure who to nominate. I’ll have to do some research. If I can find some thyme, anyway.

  22. Nerd of Redhead says

    Congratulations to Audley.

    I’ll have to look back for nominations.
    (Also testing the login)

  23. onion girl says

    Woohoo! Congrats to Audley for that long deserved Molly.

    For June, I am completely indecisive, so I am going to just throw out the names and let someone else do the tallying.

    Classical Cipher

  24. Audley Z. Darkheart OM, purveyor of candy and lies says


    Does s/he who was once ODS have an OM yet?

    I do now!

    Once again, thank you so much everyone. This has made my morning. :)

  25. Brother Ogvorbis (with a cute parenthetical) says

    Great MRAsshole Infestation of 2012

    er, um. Yeah. That would be the Great MRAsshole Infestation of 2011. Getting ahead of myself. Or I’m psychic. Not sure yet.

  26. Muse says

    Ing already has been OMed.

    I’m going with Ogvorbis

    CC – I’ll nom for July when we get it since man you did a shitton of work in July.

  27. thomathy says

    Congratulations, Audley!

    I can’t vote for June. I don’t remember it well enough and I don’t want to do any research for it. I can’t wait for July, though. Oh, there are so many good choices!

  28. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    Huzzah! Nice work A. Darkheart! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

    My vote:

    amphiox for the same reason I always vote for amphiox– dropping science on the heads of trolls.

  29. The Chimp's Raging Id says

    Congratulations to Audley!

    My vote for enmollification goes to Brother Ogvorbis.

  30. Sili says

    I thought Rorschach already had a Molly under an old name.

    COMGrats, OMley ZOMG Darkheart! (The “Z.” is for “ZOMG”, right?)

    RandOM nOMs (assuming I’m wrong about ROMschach):


  31. IndyM says

    I haven’t been around that long either, but I vote for Brother Ogvorbis for his amazing contributions throughout the Rebeccapocalypse. (Caine was equally amazing, but I see she already has a Molly.) Actually, there SO MANY amazing people here, but for right now, Brother Ogvorbis sticks out in my mind. The whole commentariat (sans trolls) should get a Molly…

  32. Rey Fox says

    I agree with that other commenter, amphiox and Forbidden Snowflake. And I’ll throw out a wildcard vote for John Morales while I’m at it, he’s been in particularly good form lately.

  33. Sili says

    Thanks, nightjar.

    Don’t I feel stupid now … Sorry for the inconvenience, Mary.

    I’ll go with the flow, then:

    Classical Cipher

  34. Brother Ogvorbis, the Odd One over in the Corner* says

    I appreciate the OMinations but, really, there are so many others who spent far more time than I in the cesspool. And when I have time, I’ll go back and take a closer look.

    * A description of my office.

  35. serendipitydawg (one headed, mutant spawn of Echidna,) says

    Congratulations to Audley and I am shocked to learn that Classical Cipher hasn’t already been Mollyfied, so that’s my OmNomification.

  36. Sastra says

    Congrats to Audley!

    I have just one name scribbled on my Molly suggestion sheet — not sure if it’s for May, or June, or one of the other months but I’ll go with it:

    consciousness razor

  37. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    After much intense cogitation and getting my crystal ball back from recalibration, I have decided to vote to have the following inflicted with Mollification:

    Brother Ogvorbis for his fire stories, his insights into history, and his sangfroid for not disturbing his daughter while she was making love to her boyfriend.

    Rorschach for rescuing Dawkins from the Islamic creationists.

  38. David Marjanović says

    Wait, is the registration requirement off now?!?

    Classical Cipher
    Brother Ogvorbis

  39. says

    Congratulations to Dr. Audley Z. Darkheart, PhD, Esq, etc, OM!

    For June, I nominate (as promised) Carlie of the lacy, gently wafting adjectives, for the very clever and erudite putdown of Segmentum. Even it had to admit it had been put down, although it refused to stay down, unfortunately.

    And I nominate Caine for the July OM / OM of the Year / OM Lifetime Achievement Award, for the MRA-fight that broke her pancreas. (How are you doing, BTW?)

  40. Rey Fox says

    Hmm. Might we need to re-open the “best commenter of the month” vs. “hall of fame” argument re: repeat Mollies?

    (I’m leaning towards the “hall of fame” largely because the Molly vote is so infrequent these days (as it perhaps should be))

  41. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    SQB wrote:

    For June, I nominate (as promised) Carlie of the lacy, gently wafting adjectives

    Carlie get her much deserved Molly in August 2009.

  42. Tigger_the_Wing says

    Congratulations, Audley! :-)

    I sort of lost June in the dim and distant past, so I would like to nominate, for July OM, Caine; for her steadfast defence of feminism in the face of mountains of MRA crap (especially given her personal battles with health). I am still in awe!

  43. says

    ‘Tis Himself, OM, wrote:

    Carlie get her much deserved Molly in August 2009.

    So? Is there a 1 OM per person limit?

  44. Physicalist says

    Ok, I’m going to say some more stuff, because the votes I submitted my votes last week never showed up, and then when I try to resubmit the comment the comment-nanny says “It looks like you already said that.” Which is good if it gets rid of duplicate comments, but currently it’s violating my privilege of voting. (I’m being repressed!)

    My votes:
    Brother Ogvorbis

  45. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I’m being repressed!

    Just because some watery tart didn’t heave a scimitar at you doesn’t automatically mean you’re repressed.

  46. Dhorvath, OM says

    Wow, June seems like a distant epoch.
    For train service (and so much more) one could do worse than Ogvorbis
    Nightjar for continuing good service and calm explanation.
    And Rey Fox for the quiet help that he thinks he can sneak into many a thread.

  47. says


    And I nominate Caine for the July OM / OM of the Year / OM Lifetime Achievement Award, for the MRA-fight that broke her pancreas. (How are you doing, BTW?)

    Aaaw, thank you. I am already mollied, April last year. Molly List.

    I’m doing better, thanks!

  48. says


    We want to give you an new OM, just in case the last one came out with the gallbother.

    Aha. I think the OM is still there, it’s a lump under my belly button. Pretty sure that’s it, anyway.

    Too many other peoples are waitin’ on very deserved Mollies.