AVN likes me!

I was told by several people that AVN was quite happy with me, which caused me some consternation. The Australian Vaccination Network? That horrible anti-science group that campaigns against giving children protection from disease? Oh, no, what have I done wrong?

But then, as it turns out, to most of the world AVN stands for Adult Video News, the big organization that reviews and markets pornography and gives awards to sexy movies. I was so relieved! That’s so much better. Anyway, They praise me fulsomely in an article which is only safe for work if you have a good ad-blocker on your browser. Otherwise, you may have to explain to your co-workers that you aren’t really “beggin’ for a peggin'”.


  1. hankroberts says

    “Perhaps Myers will do another post, enlightening us as to the sexiest scifi material he discovered …” — AVN


    “… popular articles: Tentacle sex, Tentacle sex, part deux, Squid nuptial dances, and Octopus sex. All across the world, people are wondering what the etiquette is if they should find themselves in a romantic situation with an amorous cephalopod, and it is my duty to provide the answers….”