The Final Tally on the Camp Quest race: I win!

Donations are closed. Here are the final numbers:

Team Awful: $13,550.06
Lord PZ, Unique and Majestic: $12,996.01

Matched amounts:
Team Awful: $1,868.73
Lord PZ, Diabolically Alone: $1,620.00
Total Match: $3,488.73

Team Totals (with matches included):
Team Awful: $15,418.79
Lord PZ, Cunning and Charismatic: $14,616.01

Grand Total Raised: $30,034.80

Goodness was accomplished. Team Awful was punted about unmercifully at my whim, and were completely outclassed and outmaneuvered at every point. My Xanatos Gambit succeeded perfectly, not only manipulating the bewildered, undisciplined mob behind Team Awful, but also manipulating you, the donors! Bwahahahahaha!

Now, of course, the penalties must be paid: Greta Christina will regale us in karaoke, Jen will have pratfalls while learning to bicycle, JT will be going hairless, and Matt will be appearing on the Atheist Experience in drag. While I will be leaning back in my easy chair, sipping an iced tea, and laughing.

You’ll be missing the PZ of 2001:


Although, heck, I’m looking good. I might go for it anyway. See, this is another way I tricked them: my forfeit, that I used to to get them to stumble all over and make fools of themselves, was no penalty at all.