Barbarous Africa

Not the whole continent, of course, or even a majority of its residents, but there are a few hate-mongering, ignorant bigots in Uganda that need a wake-up call. They’re trying to expand the death-penalty provisions in their already draconian anti-homosexual policies.

Sign this petition. It’s not much, but at least it will send a message that the rest of the world looks on their brutal homophobia with contempt and disgust.

And yes, I know that American evangelicals have been responsible for fanning the flames of hatred in Uganda. Do you doubt that I look on them with any less contempt?


  1. Ms. Daisy Cutter says

    I should have said this last night, but was too tired to assemble it coherently: PZ, I’ll add my voice, as non-influential as it is, to the others calling you out on the title.

    SC’s analogies at #302 are dead on. The one I was going to make was that if a fundie xtian woman had just said or done something completely moronic, you wouldn’t put up a post entitled “Irrational Female.” Bigotry intended as irony still plays into bigoted tropes — and draws bigots to you, to “agree” with you on things you never knew you believed.

    You’ve done a great job standing up against the sexism and misogyny that exists in the online atheist movement. You may want to consider honing the same sensitivity to racist dogwhistles that you have to sexist ones. Atheism is even shorter on people of color than it is on women.

    Anri, google the phrase “white privilege.” You’re soaking in it.

    Finally, Flyspeck, WK, and their ilk ought to read some Johann Hari. Western colonialism in Africa is far from over. How about we refrain from pontificating about the humanity, intelligence, and deservingness to live of other countries and continents at least until we stop fucking them over for their natural resources?