…and Cthulhu trembled, and turned aside in fear and horror

As some of you already know, the universe was revolted by the recent spectacle of Rebecca Black’s hideously insipid autotuned song, Friday. I felt a bit of sympathy for her, however — she’s very young, and her name is always going to be attached that monstrosity. And then there was the fact that there were the parodies, such as Stephen Colbert’s, which although none of them were great, at least always improved on the source material.

Until now.

What could possibly make “Friday” worse than the original? How about changing it to “Sunday” and make it all about going to church?

WARNING: If ever there was a Lovecraftian horror that could enkindle madness and despair, this is it. Do not view if your sanity is fragile. If your mind is strong and you make it through this nightmare, I am not responsible for future impairments.

If you are a Christian, don’t worry. They removed the scary black man who drives through in the middle of the video and replaced him with a couple of dorky white guys.