True Americans will enforce One True Way of thinking

Bryan Fischer (if you know the name, you know lunacy will soon follow) has a plan.

Allowing Muslims to immigrate into the United States, a Christian nation by origin, history and tradition, without insisting that they drop their allegiance to Allah, Muhammad, the Qur’an, and sharia law, is to commit cultural suicide. We believe in freedom of religion for Muslims like we do for everybody else. But if they insist on clinging to their religion, they will need to exercise their freedom of religion in a Muslim country which shares their values: death for those who leave Islam, the beating of wives by their husbands, and the labeling of Jews as apes and pigs.

It’s a very incomplete plan, though, and I have a few questions.

What about those who convert to Islam once they’re in America, or those Muslims who already reside here? And what about those of us who are non-Christians? Will we have an American Expulsion?

I understand Mr Fischer isn’t asking for the death penalty for those who leave Christianity (yet). I will assume he isn’t going to regard apostasy as a crime, then. If a majority of Americans leave Christianity — something that could happen in our lifetimes — will this still be a Christian nation?

It’s nice to take a stand against wife-beating and racism. Say, have you noticed that a lot of Christians do both?

Mike Huckabee recently suggested that every young American ought to be required to listen to every David Barton (you know, the liar and fraud who makes up stories of American history) speech at gunpoint. Have you considered, as an intermediate step, simply requiring listening to 24 hours of continuous David Barton fabulisms, at gunpoint, for all immigrants to this country? It would probably scare all of them away.