Another “sovereign state” affected by Wikileaks

This time, it’s the Vatican. Wikileaks has released documents related to the Irish priest scandals.

Pope Benedict refused to allow Vatican officials to testify in an investigation by an Irish commission into alleged child sex abuse by priests, according to U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, The Guardian newspaper reported.

Benedict was also reportedly furious when Vatican officials were called upon in Rome, The Guardian reported Saturday.

The Murphy Commission of Inquiry into sexual and physical abuse “offended many in the Vatican,” according to a cable dated February 26, 2010.

No surprises. The Pope was more concerned about his little city-state than he was about the kids.

Oh, also…the Irish government caved in to the Catholics.

The Irish government, meanwhile, wanted “to be seen as co-operating with the investigation” because its churches and education department were also involved in the scandal.

The Irish ambassador’s deputy, Helena Keleher, told U.S. diplomats that her government eventually acquiesced to the Vatican and granted their officials immunity from testifying, the Guardian reported.

The testimony they did get was damning…how much worse was the situation? We won’t know, because the Vatican did its best to cover up the story.