California’s creation museum

A few people took advantage of the Creation Research Society’s open house to take a peek inside the asylum, and sent back pictures.

Eric Youngstrom found signs of their evidence-based reasoning.


Ooooh, numbers! It must be real then. Just like the 64.8 meter long giant squid I keep in the 4.3 million cubic meter tank in my basement.


Because, as we all know, all you have to do is refer to Hitler’s evil using sciencey sounding phrases like “Darwinian” and “natural selection” — phrases he didn’t use or didn’t like — to make Darwin guilty of Hitler.

Jason Frye…well, I don’t know what he found. These are genuine WTF? displays from the ‘museum’.


I think they’re trying to make a case for trinitarianism using made-up diagrams, but I’m not sure. These could be Martian anatomy diagrams from someone who watched George Pal’s War of the Worlds.

A video of the place!