So that’s their strategy

Minnesota should be embarrassed to have two organizations targeting our elections with the goal of blocking the possibility of gay marriage. The Nincompoops Opposing Marriage (NOM) is campaigning for the Rethuglican candidate for governor, Tom Emmers, while the Catholic church is sending out DVDs whining about gays. But they’re both following the same playbook: they’re making these pious, earnest appeals that it’s only fair that the issue be put to a vote, and they’re sounding exactly like the creationists, who make similar pleas for their pseudoscience.

What they so blithely ignore, though, is that just as science is not decided by the popular vote, neither should the civil rights of a minority be placed at the whim of a majority. It’s fundamentally demagoguery that they’re playing at — calling to the bigoted and ignorant to squash the truth and what is right at the polls.