Monckton dissected

Christopher Monckton, that pompous know-nothing who professes to be an expert on climate change and doesn’t believe in it, gave a talk here in Minnesota last fall, at a little Christian college called Bethel University (which curiously has a biology department that manages to never once mention evolution in its curriculum, just to give you an idea of what it’s like). That talk infuriated a professor at another Christian university — but one that doesn’t try to hide away from the evidence — who has put together a rebuttal of Monckton’s claims. Would you believe that essentally all of the studies Monckton cited as supporting his claims about the nonexistence of global warming actually said the exact opposite? It was so bad it’s impressive — it’s as if you don’t have to actually read and understand research papers if you’ve convinced yourself that they say what you want them to say.

John Abraham has put together a thorough presentation on the follies of Monckton. Good stuff!