DC gets some cool talks

For those of you in the Washington DC area, the Center for Inquiry has some events coming up. Jamie Kilstein will be performing on 21 April, and you should go — if you don’t mind rude, loud atheists. He’s also one of the heads of the Church of the Smiling Vagina (although Allison Kilkenny ought to be the Pope of the CSV, since she, like, has one).

Also coming up on the CFI slate for June 13th is Christopher Hitchens. I know I don’t need to explain who he is.


  1. ldcornett says

    Gosh, why doesn’t anyone like this ever come to Texas? Oh, wait…I think I know this one.

  2. J. D. Mack says

    There’s another event coming up that may be of interest to your D.C. area readers. On April 24, the National Capital Area Skeptics will be presenting their Philip J. Klass award to Ray Hyman, one of the founders of the CSICOP. As part of the event, Ray will be interviewed by D.J. Grothe in front of a live audience.

    Details here: http://ncas.org/2010/04/apr-24-ncas-philip-j-klass-award.html

  3. BeamStalk says

    Hitchens speaking on my brithday, it is a sign from… oh wait I don’t live near DC damn.

  4. MelodyCFI says

    Thanks, PZ! We are really excited about these events! Look forward to seeing you all there!

  5. vreejack says

    #3 Kobra

    Alternating Current is better!

    It’s legal to marry both ways in DC, now. Pretty good for being at the whim of someone else’s legislature, eh?

    Anyway, as a Friend of the CFI, I just wanted to say OMG FREE PLUGS! Now I’d better reserve a Hitchens ticket before you-all snatch them all up.

  6. fishyfred says

    If you can’t make it to Jamie’s show on the 21st, he’s performing at American University on the 20th for the AU Rationalists and Atheists and Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

    9:15 p.m. in Ward 2.

  7. Ian says

    I’ll accept that Ms Kilkenny has the organ in question, but how does PZ know what mood it’s in?
    Enquiring minds need to know.

  8. Kobra says

    @6: I was just addressing a potentially humorous ambiguity in this blog post title. Not sure how your response is supposed to logically follow from my comment.

  9. jcmartz.myopenid.com says

    Also coming up on the CFI slate for June 13th is Christopher Hitchens. I know I don’t need to explain who he is.

    I disgress. Certaintly, the IDiots need one.

  10. Kliwon says

    The Church of the Smiling Vagina? How can there be any other sort? I have always known a vulva (to stop the technical comments) as a vertical smile.