Those blasphemin’ Irish

They’re flaunting the blasphemy laws again, with another exhibit of blasphemous art at the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA) in Lad Lane, off Baggott Street, Dublin 2. Check out the video of some lovely weird religious obscenity.


  1. says

    Nobody is to stone anybody until I blow this whistle — even, and I want to make this absolutely clear, even if they do say, “Jehovah”…

    On a more serious note, the more often and more openly these laws can be flaunted, the sooner people will wake up to just how restrictive and ridiculous they are. Unfortunately, we’re talking about politicians here, so it might be a while.

  2. Brian says

    “Mooooooom! The Irish are flaunting their blasphemy laws again! Can I pleeeeeeez have some blasphemy laws too?”

    “Oh, and I suppose if the Irish were jumping off a cliff you’d want to follow them, wouldn’t you?”

  3. MolBio says

    Freedom of religion is not greater than freedom of speech. Hardcore believers don’t believe in our rights, many of them don’t believe in their own, myopically following old books written as a nationalistic code for tribal leaders to inspire acts of genocide and conquest over their region of the world.

    I made a vid: I hope it shakes a few softer believers. I’m only now getting back into my militant atheism.

  4. Benny the Icepick says

    Ugh… the videographer in that clip was pissing me off… NO ONE was in focus!

    The “God Dates Fags” was probably my favorite piece. Suck it, Phelps.

  5. Zeno says

    Oh no! PZ is flaunting his flouting of the distinction between “flout” and “flaunt”! Between you and I, I think this is horrible.

    My faith in him is crushed. [sob]

  6. CiaranMacAoidh says

    Well, PZ is a biologilist not an languagologist so we’ll forgive the ‘flaunt’. That said this exhibition is really well worth the visit if for nothing else than the cruci-cookies we got on entry. The art is pretty clever too, plenty to keep us all feeling superior. WE scored ourselves a referendum on the silly blasphemy laws so maybe soon this shit won’t even be an issue, we can all just, y’know, think…