1. llewelly says

    Tea is a Monarchist Plot. I’m greatly disappointed to hear that you’ve indulged this terrible vice. You should be ashamed.

  2. Fil says

    Good for you PZ. Tea is very civilised, unlike coffee, which makes people (especially the likes of Ann Coulter) into thin, gibbering wrecks.

    I mean, look at the mess those coffee drinking colonials made of their tea party in Boston. They forgot the tide was out and the tea just hit the mud.

    Time for a nice cup of Tuckfield’s Tiny Tips…

    Pip Pip!

  3. Brian says

    Generally speaking, and IMHO, when they’re good, coffee is better than tea, but bad coffee is usually much worse than bad tea.

    Plus I like the biscuits and cakes that they serve with tea.

  4. Levi in NY says

    Be careful with that tea. You wouldn’t want to attract any racist, homophobic, über-religious right-wing conspiracy theorist nutjobs, who seem to have acquired an inexplicable fondness for the stuff these days.

  5. Pope Bologna XIII - The Glorious High Sauceror of Pastafarianism and Grand Poobah of His Holy Meatba says

    Jolly good, wot wot?

  6. DagoRed says

    …when they’re good, coffee is better than tea, but bad coffee is usually much worse…

    I love both, but when they’re both REALLY good I think they are really different. Excellent tea is more like the the best erotic foreplay one can ever have, while really good coffee is more like pure orgasm.

  7. theo.c.bromine says

    llewelly is right: everyone knows that Anarchists can only drink herbal tea, since “proper tea is theft”

  8. Peter H says

    Some years ago we found McDonald’s “cuisine” in Britain is every bit as bad as it is here, but their run-of-the-street tea is rather nice. The Brits (the various bed’n’breakfasts, etc. we found throughout England Scotland & Wales) do not understand coffee.

  9. Ol'Greg says

    Tea is wonderful. I actually prefer chinese tea, but for some reason tea agrees with me more than coffee.

    Really I’m just glad this isn’t a post about yet another obnoxious thing done by the teabaggers.

  10. mcrotk says

    So, are you having withdrawals and struggling to stay awake now that you got accustomed to good strong Aussie coffee?

  11. ronsullivan says

    Theo c. bromine @ 10: everyone knows that Anarchists can only drink herbal tea, since “proper tea is theft”

    Oh my lack of god.

    I’ll buy stand a beer for that, if you don’t mind that I’ll also pour it over your head.

  12. ronsullivan says

    Um. Stand you a beer, not buy stand a beer. But if Stan shows up I’ll buy him one too.

  13. blf says

    But if Stan shows up I’ll buy him [a beer] too.

    Considers changing his name… Nah, I’ll have to start over to get a load of enemies, go to convictland to get the beer, only to have Ron pour it over my head. Think I’ll stay here and just throw the occasional pea out of my lair…

    Retreats to his lair, and after a certain amount of banging, cursing, and the odd meow, a rather sickly-looking pea rolls out…

  14. triskelethecat says

    I love tea. One of my favorites is Lady Grey. However, I have gotten addicted to 1 cup of coffee in the morning. I blame it on being a night owl forced into a lark existence, since even as a night nurse, I drank tea. But now that I work in corporate America and arrive at work before 6:30 am, I need more caffiene than tea gives me. But outside of that 1 early cup, tea rules.

    (All those who drink it black, raise your hand so I don’t feel all alone…)

  15. shonny says

    Ah, sit down and have nice cup of tea!

    But make it a properly brewed Lapsang Souchong, 正山小种 !
    Don’t use water warmer than 80 centigrades, and brew for 3 – 4 minutes.
    Heaven! (without gods or other crap.)

  16. says

    And a generous sampling of tim tams, too, I hope?


    Daily brews at work are Tesco’s Fair Trade – I actually prefer it to most other breakfast teas!

    Home I brew big pots of Earl Grey, but have various varieties of green, white and others on tap in case I want a change.

    I’m definitely English, if by ‘English’ you mean ‘consumes 2+ pints of tea a day’.

  17. davem says

    PZ has his title dead right.

    You can have a nice cup of coffee, or a great cup of coffee, but only a cup of tea is ‘lovely’.