I guess that giant platter of cheese called Megashark vs. Giant Octopus was not enough — now the SyFy Channel has commissioned a new project, Sharktopus. I don’t want to know any more.


The worst part is…yes, I will watch it.


  1. shelley.just says

    Of course you’ll watch. I’ll watch it. Will groan through every moment, but will watch till the end.


  2. Carlie says

    So when the mega-shark and giant octopus fell slowly to the bottom of the ocean at the end of the movie, they were actually getting it on and then had babies?

  3. Insightful Ape says

    What kind of a retina does it have? With the light receptor facing the light or looking away from it?

  4. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Does it jump into the sky and bring down airplanes? Does it bite battleships and bridges in half? What is it’s attitude towards oil rigs? These things are important to know when comparing this movie to others about sharks, octopi and shark-octopi critters.

  5. pjsouza says

    So, this octopus was cleaning his loaded hectocotylus, when this female sand-tiger shark showed up and…

  6. Alverant says

    Don’t octopi have mouths at the center of their tentacles? So this sharkopus has 2 mouthes, one at each end, and no way to take a shit. No wonder he’s angry.

  7. says

    Coming soon: Sharktopus vs. Crockoduck! Two missing links swim in, only one missing link swims out! Starring Ray Comfort as “The Scientist”!

  8. says

    I am the world’s worst parent.7-year old watch SyFy movies. He finds them hilarious.

    Also, Sharktopus needs laser vision.

  9. nekouken says

    There was a Sci-Fi era episode of MST3k involving a similar creature — “Devil Fish” — but we never got anywhere near as good a look at the monster.

  10. Larry says

    What I want to know is whether the sharktopi will have frickin’ lasers on their heads. That would be totally sweet.

  11. Glen Davidson says

    I always had my doubts about counting sharks as decent vertebrates. Cartilage? Phhht, that’s for noses, and a few other odd parts.

    Apparently their indiscretions and lack of religion led to the shark and octopus becoming evolutionists, so willing to fuck anything in sight.

    Glen D

  12. Keith says

    Clearly this is what would happen if a male shark and a female octopus evolved without mates. They would get lonely and get together and this would be the end result.

    We know god doesn’t like this sort of thing, so therefore evolution is wrong, or something like that, because this movie is on SyFy, and the Sy stands for science, and so it’s clear that scientist believe this animal is real.

    Oh darn it, I know I just sound all confused. Ray Comfort really needs to address this for all of us, I’m sure he could straighten it all out.

  13. Sara says

    I want to know if there will be another marvelous blow by blow summary of the upcoming Sharktopus movie. Because I feel that the summary was literary genius. I am mystified that only 2 glass of wine were consumed.
    If I have to watch Sharktopus, at least half a bottle of Vodka will be lost to the world forever.

    Have you noticed that the spell check doesn’t think the word Sharktopus exists. Really Spell check needs to keep up with these recent discoveries.

  14. tdcourtney says

    Megashark vs. Giant Octopus was one of the bigger disappointments of my life. They had a combined total of like 3 minutes of killer animal footage and the rest was people on a submarine attempting to have a plotline. We were pretty sure their special effects budget wasn’t large enough to have any more CGI shark/octopus action.

  15. hje says

    Just imagine about 10 years from now when Avatar like CG technology is in hands of your average B movie auteur.

  16. llewelly says

    Evolution says all things, even sharks, evolved from lesser creatures like slugs. Slugs and octopodes are of the same kind. So if evolution was real, the seas would be filled with sharktopodes. AND you can’t explain PYGMIES + DWARFS!

  17. says

    The absence of the Sharktopus in real life proves evolution is false. Perhaps PZ should invest in a Sharktopus tie to go with his Crocoduck.

  18. Free Lunch says

    Wait, SyFy? Sounds more like the Discovery Channel.

    Yes, I had to doublecheck which channel had done so as well. Discovery is becoming a parody of its former self.

  19. Desert Son, OM says

    has syfy jumped the shark already

    By all indications, they’re not going to jump the shark, they’re going to jump the sharktopus.

    Still learning,


  20. David Marjanović says

    I always had my doubts about counting sharks as decent vertebrates. Cartilage? Phhht

    Tsk, tsk. Vertebrae are present. Often they even calcify.

    Plus, sharks do have small amounts of bone – not that it matters…

    and no way to take a shit

    Can’t see from the illustration whether it has a funnel.

  21. SteveM says

    SyFy was advertising a “Name the next SyFy movie” contest. I wonder if this was the winner.

  22. Eidolon says

    Free Lunch @ 26

    If not Discovery, then the National Geographic, Animal Planet, or History Channels. All 4 have been running programming that is saturated with woo.

  23. mothwentbad says

    Hmmm. It should be twice as big and it should have sharks on the ends of the tentacles instead of a shark’s head.

  24. Shawn Wilkinson says

    To be honest, I thought “killer creature” movies were outdated fads that belonged in the generation of my parents’ drive-in movie days.

    And then Snakes on a Plane happened, which opened up a cacophony of madness.

  25. Desert Son, OM says

    the National Geographic

    This is the one that really breaks my heart. Growing up I was a huge admirer of the magazine, my family were long subscribers. So many great articles, including the heyday of the Voyager spacecraft development and launch, and the photography was always so spectacular.

    Perhaps the magazine is still a solid publication, and it’s just the show that’s gone the rout of the woo. Sad nonetheless.

    Still learning,