1. says

    Well, I for one am quite excited as a Northern Cali resident. My sister lives in Davis and happens to be a biology professor at Sac City College to boot. The two of us will definitely be going. She’s not much of a blog reader, like I am, but maybe she will be after seeing a lecture given by one of the best bloggers. I’ve been hoping for a while that PZ would make his way out West again, but head a bit further South than Oregon. (Sorry, I’m not sure why anyone else would care about this comment I’ve made, theres just something satisfying in expressing a little excitement with those who would tend to share it, yes?)

  2. Zebra says

    PZ, are you coming to the Pacific Northwest anytime soon? (I heard a rumor that you might be here in late January, not sure how to check that out).

  3. iwannaluvu2 says

    FYI you’re primarily touring what is referred to locally as “northern california”. Only Santa Barbara is considered central or perhaps southern california.

  4. says

    While you’re in Santa Cruz, check out Seabright Brewing. They make a great IPA and have good food too.

  5. Zeno says

    And I made up a map of PZ’s peregrinations.

    By the way, PZ, most of us would agree that Santa Barbara is on the Central Coast of California, but the San Francisco Bay area and the Sacramento region prefer the label “Northern California”. “Central California” is Fresno and Bakersfield (and when are you going there?).

  6. wlrube says

    Are you going to be spending any time doing tourist stuff in SF? The new Academy of Sciences is actually pretty cool in case you haven’t seen it yet.

  7. Larry says

    You’re schedule has you in Cupertino on the 24th but clicking on the link takes me to a page saying that the event has been canceled.

    Are you still going to be at De Anza College on the 24th?

  8. Biology Blogger says

    These sound like great events. Would definitely go to one of them if they were in the tristate area.

  9. Peter G. says

    If I were you, I should be leery of revealing my hotel accommodations while on tour. Otherwise you are likely to find your room stocked to the rafters with Gideon Bibles. It would be a shame if your voice were lost in a bible avalanche accident.

  10. Zeno says

    Perhaps the De Anza talk has been cancelled, or perhaps the link is wrong. DAMN says on its Facebook page that PZ is speaking at 2:00 on Sunday, January 24, in Forum 1 at the college. Looks like it’s still on.

    Here’s the DAMN link.

  11. Miki Z says

    Forum 1 at De Anza is a lecture hall that seats 300-400, IIRC. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but I still have friends teaching there.

  12. JJ says

    Santa Barbara is defiantly not Northern CA. Nor is Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz is almost dead in the middle of the state).
    San Diego – Ventura – So.Cal
    Santa Barbara – Santa Cruz – Central
    San MateoSF – Humbolt – Nor Cal

    Then thers the central valley and southern desert…

  13. summitwulf says

    Do you have more details on the Orange County Freethought Alliance event in May? There was a link at the bottom of the interview with Carrie Poppy, which has now disappeared.

    Some of us who cannot make the dates in January are keen to see you in May instead!

  14. summitwulf says

    …and for the benefit of the ScienceBlogs administrators, my login name is not ‘summitwulf Author Profile Page’ – although, it has a certain ring to it; ‘Author’ as a middle name I quite like.

  15. Susan Silberstein says

    Your timing could be better. J. Wilkins’ U.S. visit inspired a November San Francisco Howlerfest. I took pictures.

  16. says

    Not coming to LA? too bad

  17. says

    oh what is this.

    If you are unfamiliar with this climate denial group one of their videos was featured on wattsupwiththat and cited by mark morano, etc (basically the whole denialosphere ended up fowarding it to each other and everyone else)

    I found another video on their website that just demonstrates what smashing science they are up to their necks in. It’s a video of Kent Hovind explaining away ice core records. When the forces of pure ignorance unite…

    Maybe the index of creationist claims could be updated by putting a special symbol for “compatible with climate denialism” next to certain arguments.

  18. sudomabinusri says


    is that ridiculous “Got faith?” billboard still up on Union Ave?

  19. fly44d says

    My daughters, girlfriend, and friends are trying to decide which appearance to attend! So many to choose from! Thank you SSA and affiliates for making so many available and thank you PZ for making so many appearances. Maybe when you pass over Hwy 17 between Santa Cruz and Cupertino, your aura will blow over the Jesus Loves You Sign that has been bugging me for months.

  20. monado says

    You’re not even there yet and already you’re shaking things up! The north end of the state had a Richter 6.5 earthquake, I hear.

  21. says

    now you can find a list of all the specific times and places you’ll be able to find me

    Someone wants a stalker.

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    Nice! See you in Davis.

  23. lordshipmayhem says

    Hopefully, California will not have slid into the sea before your trip…

    Fortunately, so far no reports of even major injuries let alone fatalities. Let’s hope the later reports continue to bring us such good news.

  24. Sven DiMilo says

    San Francisco Bay area and the Sacramento region prefer the label “Northern California”

    Which of course would make Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, etc. Counties “Far-Out California.”

    (Lassen, Modoc, Mono etc. are best regarded as “West Nevada”.)

  25. summitwulf says

    Will this tour include any ‘book signing activities’, perchance? When is the pub. date BTW? =)

  26. Dust says

    Sven postulated:

    (Lassen, Modoc, Mono etc. are best regarded as “West Nevada”.)

    Ahhhh, no. No part of Cali is part of Nevada, too many trees and a very bad Govenator.

    Sierra College I might be able to make. Look for the GOATS ON FIRE! tee shirt.

  27. Ferris says

    Nooooooooooo, I JUST moved out of California.

    I plan a trip back soon, so hopefully I can have that coincide with one of your stops.

  28. npmott says

    So, PZ – will I be able to buy you a beer after the talk in Davis? We’ve got more than a few good watering holes ’round here.

  29. Dan says

    As a longtime lurker and daily reader, I’m looking forward to attending the Sacto meeting and hearing you speak. As a very-well traveled Californian, please let us know if you need directions, places to eat, cool short places to visit, etc. It sounds like a great roadtrip you’ve planned.

    And the others are right…raised in SoCal, Educated in Central Cal, now live in NorCal. Santa Barbara is definitely not Nor Cal, but only NorCal people would care. SoCal people don’t really care about such distinctions, but northerns do. They are very obsessed with the South half of this state (I think it has a lot to do with the Lakers).

    You can tell its SoCal because they call their freeway “THE 101”. Northern Californian’s would only call it “101”, without the article. People can usually tell I’m from So Cal just by how I give directions “Take the 80 to the 580”, and the fact that I never use the word “hella”.

  30. JJ says

    @Dan #38

    You can tell its SoCal because they call their freeway “THE 101”. Northern Californian’s would only call it “101”, without the article. People can usually tell I’m from So Cal just by how I give directions “Take the 80 to the 580”, and the fact that I never use the word “hella”.

    Also, northern call HWY1 it “the 1” and Southerners call it “PCH”. Having grown up in SoCal and now living on the central coast, I’d agree that the NorCal/SoCal distinction is more relevant to NorCalers (Many complain abou8t how socal steals all of NorCal’s water)

  31. says

    Sacramento, SF and Chico are all NorCal, for sure. However, when I lived in Chico, the locals referred to one of the buildings on campus as “the tallest building in Northern California.”

    I swear I’m not making that up.

    All I could think was, “Hmm, San Francisco must be in Southern California.” Seriously, there has to be 50 buildings in Sacramento that are taller than anything in Chico, and we’re not even known for our skyline.

    I also attended UCSC, and always considered Santa Cruz to be part of NorCal, mostly because I figured the natural barrier started south of Carmel. Carmel and Monterey: Southern Norcal; Big Sur, Northern Central Cal.

    I’m already in line over at Sac City (Freeport U).