Glenn Beck made a movie?

I hadn’t heard anything about it. Apparently, almost nobody else had, either.

In New York, Beck sold 17 tickets. In Boston, another 17. And in Washington, D.C., the hotbed of political activism, his tearful film drew only 30, Raw Story has found.

Glenn Beck’s new movie The Christmas Sweater – A Return To Redemption — released for a viewing Thursday night in hundreds of theaters across the country. While it performed better in the south and in rural, more conservative areas, his ability to draw viewers in major US markets was a bust.

“The theater’s almost empty,” a representative at Regal Cinemas in Manhattan told Raw Story moments before it began.

The flick features the firebrand Fox News host sharing with willing souls his most profound childhood memories, along with his philosophies on life, love and happiness.

“It is the story of faith, tragedy, redemption and hope,” Beck says in the trailer. (Reporter’s caution: he cries in it.)

Yeesh. It sounds even worse than Expelled. The trailer (I don’t recommend it) evoked feelings of revulsion and disgust, which isn’t usually what you want to do to fill the seats.

Although, you never know…maybe he was trying to tap into the “two girls one cup” demographic.


  1. Robin Lionheart says

    With all the perspiration pouring out of Glenn Beck’s pores in this film, Glenn Beck IS the Christmas Sweater.

  2. Janine, Mistress Of Foul Mouth Abuse, OM says

    Robin, too bad you could not have popped a month ago with that line. It is funny but it will quickly be buried. But that line is funny, nicely done.