1. Viv says

    “Las vegas transexual [sic] Elvis taco stand marriage…” (top right)
    It’s funny how it’s no longer fashionable to have gays or blacks as the butt of jokes but trans people are totally all right as acceptable freakshows now. Why is a trans person’s marriage more freakish and outre than a gay person’s anyway?
    I don’t know who this “transsexual Elvis” is supposed to be but I bet his being trans should not be cause of derision for anyone.

    And this from someone who’s supposedly on our side? Thanks, PZ :(


  2. Mr.Misanthrope says

    The whole thing is idiotic, biased, one-sided, and poorly put together. I’m an atheist against gay marriage on the basis that it’s retarded to re-define something to give a small group rights they already have (in this case via civil union) and that calling it bigotry is like calling a gynecologist sexist for not seeing male patients. Also, the “slippery slope” argument has been validated by the fact that Muslims are now using the legalization of gay marriage as a basis for their polygamist marriages to be honored in Canada, and Canada has been forced to legally honor them there.

    The entire argument is overwhelmingly one-sided, biased, and full of the typical “MY SIDE IS SMART, YOUR SIDE IS DUMB” kind of crap found in these debates. The only instance where it is even presented that an atheist might be against gay marriage, it is specifically stated as being because “I need a category of humans to look down on” like that would ever actually be anyone’s reason.

    Whoever made that is a fucking moron.

  3. Aquaria says

    No, you’re the fucking moron.

    Homosexuals aren’t asking for extra rights that would be exclusive to them. When same sex marriage is legal, everyone can marry a man or a woman. It’s up to them, not up to the government to decide.

    You’re just a homophobe. Admit.

  4. Rev. BigDumbChimp says

    re-define something to give a small group rights they already have (in this case via civil union)

    First: How’d that whole separate but equal thing work out for racial equality?

    Second: Civil unions are exactly “the same” as marriage, everywhere now?