KKMS, always quick to defend the fools

KKMS is a Twin Cities Christian talk radio station which has long been on my list of disreputable people and organizations peddling lies to the populace. They really pissed me off a while back when they brought me on to debate Geoffrey Simmons, and after I smacked him down hard, they invited him back for an unopposed free hour of lies. No, of course they didn’t invite me back for a similar hour of discussion.

They’re doing it again.

After that bizarre debate on Monday, KKMS is having Bergman on today to make excuses. I think their invitation to me must have gotten lost in the mail…maybe because they still can’t spell my name correctly.

4:00 Hour -“Debate Follow-up: Should Intelligent Design Be Taught in Science Classes?”  
Dr. Jerry Bergman, Professor and Author will tell us what he experienced in his debate last Monday night with P.Z. Meyers, Professor at the University of Minnesota – Morris.

It should be amusingly unreal. Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of touch at that hour — somebody else will have to listen and fill us in on the delusions and lies and distortions that Bergman will spin out.