A contemptible pseudoscientific scam

Grrr. I was sent a link to these lying, sleazebag scammers at mygeneprofile.com, and it’s the kind of thing that pisses me off. What you’ll find there is a long video where the lowlife in a suit talks about how your children have in-built genetic biases (“from God”, no less), and how if you want them to be truly happy and successful, you should tailor their upbringing to maximize their genetic potential. And he blathers on about how they will do a genetic test to determine whether your child has genes for science or art.

It’s a complete lie. There is no such test. There can be no such test. That’s not how genomes work, that they translate DNA in a comprehensible, measurable way into discrete traits for such abstract abilities as playing the piano.

They claim that “The Industry is Featured by CNN, CBS News.” I wonder what that means? That there were news reports about the human genome project? That they bought commercial time?

Anyway, it’s fraud. Don’t fall for it.