The world is ending, again

I’m sorry to have to mention this again, but there’s a chance the world will end on Wednesday. The same guy with the website that was designed to make you vomit from your eye sockets, who has been predicting the imminent end of the world over and over again, is predicting the apocalypse again.

Ho hum.

Anyway, I think he’s been stung by his repeated failures, and this time he’s imbedded his prediction in a conditional. Smart move. Expect further sliding deadlines for the apocalypse, all coupled to improbable pre-conditions. For instance, if a yeti starts nesting in my armpit hair, you should buy a lottery ticket, because you’re guaranteed to win.

Here’s the latest prediction.


If an economic collapse occurs on 11/9/2009,


The Rapture takes place on 11/11/2009!

Color styles are preserved exactly as they are on the source web page, because that’s what adds the weight of credibility to his words.