I fear I shall be stepping into a den of vipers

I’m going to be on the radio tonight, at 10pm Central time, on a program radiating out of Missouri State University called the All-American Gun Show. The host is JT Eberhard, a dangerous rascal, and I think he’s planning to harrass me fiercely. Here’s the blurb for the show:

PZ Myers, biology professor at the University of Minnesota Morris and the author of the science blog Pharyngula. Myers is known for his criticism of creationism and religion, including an appearance at Skepticon I on the Missouri State campus last October and a return to the campus this November for Skepticon II.

      The notorious Dr. Myers, a liberal by admission, is famous for his atheist shennanigans that include throwing crackers in the trash. We plan to pin this kingpin of the secular mafia down with fine-tuning arguments and universally accepted facts of science like the absence of any transitional fossils in the fossil record. Pwnd.

Tune in if you’d like to hear me raked over the coals.

My evil plan worked. They thought they were drawing me into a trap, but I knew that all I had to do was link to them and my henchpersons would bring their servers to their knees. Mission accomplished.

They were recording, and said the interview will be up on their website in a few hours…at which time you will all crash that! Bwahahahahahaha!