1. Libbie says

    Ugh. He lost me in the “Rape of the Earth” post where he stomped his feet and whined over how not enough women are credited in one book.

    Get over it, douchebag. Talk about something that matters. If there were a clear attempt made to marginalize women, then fine. Complain away, in the name of all that’s good. But if you just like to have sunshine come out of your ass and feel like everything is and always has been perfectly equal between the sexes, then I don’t want to read you. That is boring and pointless.

    But markhor are awesome.

  2. Sven DiMilo says

    Pretty harsh, Libbie. Sure, Chris Clarke takes his feminist cred pretty seriously, but “douchebag”?
    Give him a chance–he’s one of the best writers and interesting thinkers on the ‘nets.

  3. Sven DiMilo says

    …plus you clearly didn’t read the whole post. Only the above-the-fold intro is aboiut that one book.

  4. CW says

    If there were a clear attempt made to marginalize women, then fine. Complain away

    Right, but if it’s not “clear” then just STFU douchebag?

    Um, no.

  5. Fl bluefish says

    I haven’t read a lot of Chris Clarke yet ,but this little paragraph is accurate and important.

    “Second, environmental journalism as it has been practiced suffers a serious flaw: the “he-said, she-said” false-objectivity model ensures that the base motives of those who would despoil the Earth for profit are granted validity equal to the warnings of the scientists who study our eroding biosphere, or the people who care enough to work to stop the damage. While The Clade’s founding members hold journalistic and scientific accuracy, and fairness, as core values, we also think that journalism is useless if it doesn’t have a sense of right and wrong.”