Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Courtin’

In this new tradition, my wife picks out some image that isn’t a squid and has me post it — I think it’s maybe to broaden my interests, and occasionally to send me a message.


Oh, right! It’s our wedding anniversary! It’s been 29 years of fidelity for a pair of infidels so far.


  1. says

    Only one more year and you earn a *one act of infidelity* voucher. Go PZ! Congrats on the anniversary btw.

  2. Ian B says

    Congratulations! And Much Happy Anniversary Monkey Business! (snicker, snicker…)

  3. Clemens says

    And I thought all atheists would engage in promiscuity and as they don’t trust God they can’t trust anybody.

  4. clinteas says

    Good on you,PZ !!

    Congrats,and if that pic is anything to go by,the trophy wife has her title for a reason !!!

  5. Tim says

    Lovely picture, and two different species of butterfly makes it even more interesting.

  6. says

    Oh, for fuck’s sake, I’ve had “Monday Organism” in my blog a LONG TIME before the trophy wife came along. Now the 5-or-so readers I have in my blog will simply go here instead.

  7. Nerdette says

    Every occasion should be celebrated with Lepidoptera :3

    Happy Monkey, and here’s hoping every couple may be as fortunate!

  8. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Beautiful picture choice. And Happy Anniversary. With many more to come.

  9. says

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, PZ.

    Just one more year to an otherwise insignificant, cool looking base-ten number.

  10. Shane says

    Ha – I’ll bet that photograph was staged with dead butterflies, just like Kettlewell’s faked research on peppered moths. It’s a sham! Darwinism is a sham! Marriage is a sham! (hang on – shurley shome mishtake…)

    Just kidding, PZ & Mrs – lovely photo, and may you have many more happy years together.

  11. Pierce R. Butler says

    The orange ‘n’ blue motif suggests (to the cognoscenti) the University of Florida… maybe she’s hinting something about warmer climates…

    Happy 3/16!

  12. says

    If it wasn’t for the exciting religious types that grace this blog from time to time, we would die from boredom as PZ is so normal. The religious types who are exhausted from their thrilling lives and their dancing with the supernatural, probably just come here to observe the humdrum ordinariness of PZ’s existence and experience much needed relaxation.

  13. Ray Ladbury says

    Happy anniversary, P. Z. May you be as happy in your marriage as I have been in mine–and that is happy indeed.

  14. DustPuppyOI says

    Happy anniversary to you both! Be glad she didn’t give you a picture of praying mantises.

  15. PoxyHowzes says

    Congratulations from a constant but not “faith-full” reader!

    And @Clemons #14: Newt and Rush have 6 “sanctified” marriages among them. Give me sanity over sanctity any day.

  16. Hipstermama says

    Happy anniversary PZ & your trophy wife. Anyone who would choose photos of insects is tops in my books!

  17. Denis Loubet says

    Would Madam and Monsieur like interesting or uninteresting times?


  18. Patricia, OM says

    Congrats PZ and Mary! 29 years is pretty good. Be for warned PZ, all of us Trophy Wives expect BIG sparklies for the big 30. ;)

  19. Tulse says

    Trophy Wives expect BIG sparklies for the big 30.

    Giant fireflies? Large luminous fish?

  20. Scooty Puff, Jr. says

    Happy anniversary, infidels! And many happy more infidelious (not a real word, I know) years to you!

  21. says

    Butterflies always make me happy because they’re so pretty.
    Hence, i couldn’t help but smiling when i saw this picture.

    On the personal announcement, congratulations with your wedding anniversary!

  22. mothra says

    Happy anniversary! Two species, Tirumala limniace and Danaus genutia, of two genera, isn’t that, um. . .beastiality?

  23. RamblinDude says

    What a delightful picture! It’s almost like there are 3 butterflies. (Wow, that’s deep)

    Ah, heathen love . . . that’s the best kind!

  24. tarpon says

    @Mothra, #59, Nah! Those guys could not have gotten it on in the first place. Just out of curiousity….was this pict, taken in Thailand? or at an asian butterfly House?

    Tirumala are quite cool bugs!


  25. Otto says

    By the way, why are those critters called butterflies?
    What they are is flutterbys, obviously.

  26. Bacopa says

    29 is twin prime with 31. You’ll likely see another twin prime set of anniversaries, but after that, good luck!

  27. Marc Abian says

    PZ, pretend you’ve forgotten all about it and invite some of your mutual friends over and get your spanish waiter to make Piella. It’s a foolproof plan.

  28. Dahan says

    Happy Anniversary!

    Of course I don’t understand why this or anything else matters to you if there is no god. ;)

    I like the pic.

  29. says

    Hm, happy anniversary, but!
    I always wanted to ask: why squids? I mean their color-changing trick is cool, they might be smarter than us humans (not a grand feat, if you think about it), and they indeed taste awesome (my favourite after crustaceans), but what makes them special? :-)

  30. mothra says

    @73 I was assuming this was a butterfly house (as I do not know the exact phenology of the species). They are broadly sympatric from Kashmir eastward throughout the Oriental region, source: Akery and Vane-Wright. 1984. Milkweed butteflies.

    @74. The popular explanation of the word buttefly relates to the butter yellow color of some European sulphurs Colias hyale and C. erate.

    @PZ. The server obliterated part of my original post. . .[/end fugitive comic rant].

  31. Canuck says

    Nice pic. Looks almost too good to be real.

    Congrats on the fidelity. This godless heathen is only 16 years into his fidelity plan, with only 4 children to show for it. And for the record, infidelity has been an opportunity in that time. But it was easy to take a pass on the offer. Not that the prospective candidate wasn’t attractive and worthy of a good shag. But I have too much respect for the mother of my children to break her trust. Just not worth going down that road. And to think that one could reach that conclusion without having to fear punishment from a mythical sky buddy. Wow.

  32. Kimberella says

    OK, how many of you nerds out there recognized that the butterfly on the right is not a monarch?

  33. cicely says

    Very pretty picture, Dr. Myers, and kudos to your wife for choosing it. Also, throw my “Happy Anniversary!” on the pile with all the others.

  34. Julie Stahlhut says

    Neither one’s a monarch, though both are obvious danaids. But I couldn’t resist the Mexico wisecrack.

    Then again, no one would want their honeymoon to resemble a fall/winter monarch migration. The destination is pretty, but the little minibeasts seem to spend the winter celibate.

  35. Notagod says

    Thanks for the picture selection Trophy Wife! Happy anniversary to you and that one guy too.

  36. petra says

    @ #80: Octopods are so elegant and unearthly. I still remember the first time I saw a bunch of squids swimming together in their natural environment… They looked so foreign, pulsating in colour. I was so excited!

  37. says

    ¡Aniversario feliz! Or at least, that’s what Babelfish tells me to say. ;-) Congratulations, you two! Thanks for the butterflies, Mary!

  38. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Congratulation ! any abortion during 29 years ?

    Simple Simon the Gay Lieman, you only showed up recently, so no.

  39. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    No simon, you are the only abortion around here. Failure of your mother to do her job.

  40. f says

    Well congratulations to the both of you. Though I suspect that you’ve had the better part of this deal. ;)

  41. Sili says

    Awwwww. Congratulations of 29 years and one day.

    (Plus all the years that went before you got married. Didn’t she use to beat up the boys that tried to tease you after school.)

    You make me question my fear of a commitment.

  42. Natalie says

    94 – almost, you just have the word order backwords. ¡Feliz aniversario! from me, too.

  43. Desert Son says

    Been traveling and away from that thar technology computer intarweb machine, so I missed last few days of posting, but just wanted to say, congratulations on your anniversary! My parents will be 40 years married this July. Best to you and yours, and thanks again for all you do, PZ.

    No kings,


  44. John Phillips, FCD says

    Off line for a couple of days, so late as usual :). Anyway, better late than never, Happy Anniversary and Happy Monkey.

  45. Janis Chambers says

    I like the squid, but I love how this picture goes from warm to cool colors.

  46. astrounit says

    I love Monarchs. For decades I’ve helped raise and feed as many caterpillars as I can find every year and see them launch strong and healthy to Mexico. (And many have come back to land on my head the following summer).

    Happy anniversary to you and Mary! That’s a lovely Valentine.